World War

April 28, 2020


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According to Johnson, whom it defines to the strategy on determinant followed in last the seven decades like " " keynesianismo militar" " , real the warlike cost of fiscal year 2008 would surpass the 1.1 trillions (million million) of dollars, highest from World War II (7). These expenses have been growing throughout the time involving to thousand of companies and million people, according to the calculations of Rodrigue Tremblay in the 2006 Department of Defense of the United States employed 2.143.000 people. whereas the deprived contractors of the defense system used to 3.600.000 workers (altogether 5.743.000 jobs) to whom are to add about 25 million veterans military. To sum up, in the United States 30 million people (number equivalent to the 20% of the Population Economically Active) they receive from direct and indirect way originating income of the military public cost (8). The multiplication effect of the sector on the set of the economy made possible the past in the prosperity of a scheme that Scott MacDonald describes like " " the guns and to butter economy" " , that is to say one structures where the consumption of masses and the warlike industry expanded at the same time (9). But that long cycle this arriving at its aim; the magnitude reached about expenses has turned the warlike them into a decisive factor of the fiscal deficit having caused to inflation and international devaluation of the dollar. In addition its hypertrophy granted an enormous political weight to state elites (civilian and military) and industralists who went away embarking in autismo without social counterbalances. Increasing technological sophistication parallel to the increase of the weapon systems moved away to the militarized science of its possible civil applications more and more affecting negatively the industrial competitiveness. This ascending separation between the science-military man (all-consuming of bottoms and talents) and the civil industry arrived at catastrophic levels in the Terminal period of the ex- Soviet Union, now history seems to repeat itself.