Website Relaunch

March 22, 2019


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Essen communications agency relies on clarity for site the Essen-based communication agency Eybe + Eybe has completely redesigned their website. The new appearance impresses with clarity and remembers creatively and lyrically on the essentials. Under reached the visitors to a landing page with the company logo. There, he can decide between the areas of text or photo. Still compliments we received for our old site, but in the last five years we have developed further, there was time that moved our website”, explains Olaf Eybe. BerlinRosen is likely to agree. The new appearance is less playful than its predecessor and is equivalent to our successful working style. We don’t beat around, but are looking for solutions in the interests of our customers in the fields of text, concept and photography”, summarizes Susanne Eybe.

The website consists of two independent parts was created by Olaf Sweekhorst. Be new media company bizarre world”has particular strengths in the implementation of Flash projects. Photos compelling clear typo Clearly arranged and easy to navigate the site stands out visually from the flood site. In the text pane, the typography in the foreground is without ifs and buts. Plenty of white space and the restriction on the spot colour sparingly used unnecessarily distract the user red and it is easy to enter the short text blocks.

In the photo area, the photos are highlighted by dark Fund. Connecting element and source of inspiration of the complete design is from designer Jurgen Kahlert developed distinctive logo. The partner of the Essen communication agency in the last year new ways to go is decided in connection with the company logo. “The clean lines of black-white contrast and the Red plus sign as a unifying element are timeless and arouse the curiosity”, says Susanne Eybe. “Personally, it will be Eybe + Eybe is a small agency with a big network, therefore the site must answer as much questions to name donors and can quietly personally” are. We want to not appear of a world agency awaken, but our range of services as well as our customer list can be”, emphasizes Olaf Eybe. Part of field photography”website is online since one year. The feedback has been very positive. The visitors first and foremost example photos want to see on a photo site and you get exactly: portraits, reports, events and a virtual tour of exhibitions by Olaf Eybe. Why should I deny, where my photographic roots. Wildlife photography is still a priority for me, for the four-legged models have it done to me”, Olaf Eybe brings together with a grin. Photo page and page of text each of which included works”. But only in the interplay of the parts the creativity shows in Eybe + Eybe is. Only when you look at the pages as a unit, then captures the strengths of our agency. We are curious what reactions cause the new appearance is. “, finally, so Susanne Eybe. Posted by Susanne Eybe more information: contact: