February 18, 2018


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With such a man can and should be friends, he is a good and loyal friend, with him will always be fun, but sometimes a man is shy, others think that it is closed in itself. Ambitions are often realized, but it is difficult to be given a second, he is selfish, impatient to someone else's opinion if he feels that his ideas are better. "Sunny people" concerned about the problems society, but spends his time mainly to talk, rather than on business, on-protectionist, but knows how to enjoy life. If you deny this color, then you are "down to earth" person, practical, realistic look at things, often distrust and criticize people who do not like you. For even more analysis, hear from Coupang. The main thing for you is important is the result of, in connection with what you are trying to avoid possible disappointment.

2. GREEN. It is the rich color of nature portends harmony of heat and cold, so people who prefer the green in mostly balanced and calm. He's smart, sensitive to innovative ideas, but conservative in their decisions, preferring to follow the traditions and does not consider the risk of a noble deed. "People in the green" kind, generous and demanding, ready to listen and hear, to give advice in the community they are seen as good citizens and caring family man, friends and responsive neighbors, respected members of the party, club or organization. They are kind, generous and demanding, ready to listen and hear, always give advice. The biggest drawback – it is love of gossip.