Thefts On Measuring

February 27, 2019


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The theft of high-quality booth materials is a problem especially during the mounting. For years, it happens again that Pilferer would enrich themselves during the construction and dismantling of exhibition stands exhibition goods or stand construction materials. Exhibits are often stolen right pallets of on events such as CeBIT in Hannover, electronica, high-quality and innovative goods are offered in Munich or the IAA in Frankfurt, running. Booth builders are not able during the often turbulent process to the guarding of the exhibition goods to mind. This task of course is not the fair construction also.

But no one is often by the exhibitors present, when the goods are delivered. The GmbH has has got here has often noted, that just on the last move-in day (and night) and the first day of dismantling a stand security is ordered. Nevertheless, brazen thieves are not put off. The risk for the thieves is also extremely small. Is such a range caught with geklautem material, he has himself just missed and accidentally pulled the wrong range through the exhibition hall. The opposite is hard to prove it. Many trade fairs, such as the Munich trade fair centre, now offer video surveillance of the exhibition halls. But if this is ultimately helpful helpful in identifying perpetrators, has not proven yet.

In the meantime, the thefts win a new quality. It not only such entrainment lately “thefts of light continue to be sold consumer goods carried. The GmbH is it happens for example at Intersolar this year that after the event perpetrators have taken over a part of the stand dismantling. So the technicians noticed as they morning wanted to continue with the removal, that others at work were and had neatly recorded the rosewood laminate flooring. The aluminum profiles for the outer edges were dismantled and removed. Ceiling fields were also removed, but the interest was not evident here either as large or lacked the time to even take them. This means: booth builders such as the GmbH must in future more set value to ensuring their material. That also refers to measuring the exporeal, IFAT, the Expopharm, oils + fats, the construction, the transport logistic, laser world and inter airport Europe, although not easily continue to sell goods are offered at these fairs.