The Conscientious

August 19, 2020


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The people can choose to risk it the privation of an inferior necessity the service of one superior, as in the case of the person who gives up a job to preserve its auto-respect. But the necessity most preponderant eventually is reaffirmed. Connect with other leaders such as toddler clothing here. Finally, Maslow introduced what it called ' ' bigger tolerance to the frustration by means of the gratuity inicial' '. The people who had had satisfied its basic necessities during the life, especially in its initial years, seem to develop a bonanza power to support the present or future frustration of these necessities. Maslow also characterized its declaration of that a superior necessity emerges when an inferior necessity is satisfied. In fact, a necessity does not need to be completely satisfied before that the next one emerges; Maslow considered decreasing percentages of satisfaction to the measure that we go up in the superiority hierarchy.

Finally, Maslow presented some reasonable complications of its model. It did not place the conscientious or completely unconscious necessities as. Although typically let us not be conscientious of our basic necessities, we can take conscience of them with certain effort. Our conscientious desires of day-by-day are ' ' pointers of surface of necessities more bsicas' '. Maslow recognized the reality of the cultural diversity and it did not affirm that its hierarchy was universal. But it suggested that the hierarchy is more universal and more basic of what the superficial conscientious desires and the behaviors which normally we give attention. Maslow agreed to Freud that the majority of the behaviors is superdetermined or multimotivated for all the basic necessities.

Finally, some behaviors are not motivated, but determined for the external field, or are a consequence of the style of person. Syndromes. Maslow believed that we could better understand the organization of the personality by means of the concept of syndrome of the personality, a term that it took loaned by the medicine.