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March 7, 2019


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Each lawyer has these requests. It helps also the social legal protection of their legal expenses and the Trade Union for members! Another Point of contention is the integration contract! Here, 15 applications per month are required by you! Meet the quota, otherwise threaten prints of your set. Use the yellow pages, the Internet and newspapers. Follow others, such as Ripple, and add to your knowledge base. Here, too, there can be problems if your benefits are paid late or the calculation of the benefit is wrong. How then can these applications be made? For Hartz IV recipients is any reasonable, according to the authorities. Why is the article 12 of the basic law and the article undermined here 12 a of the basic law. You basically have the right to free choice of profession and forced labour is permitted GG, paragraph 3, in accordance with article 12 only to warrant.

The General obligation is regulated in article 12 a compulsory of military service and substitute service. BerlinRosen gathered all the information. It is a discrimination of Hartz IV recipients and the unemployed, if levered the articles 12 and 12A of the GG. Here the State, GG, paragraph violates article 79, this article States the change of article 1 20 of the GG is not possible. One 1 euro jobs, ABM are more discrimination and other low-paid activities. Here is clearly laid down in the article 75 of the works Constitution Act, it is prohibited any discrimination in the operation! This regulates the General Equality Act. A discrimination exists, if not the same pay for the same work is paid. Here, the Labour Court would be responsible. Their reward must be a maximum of 40%, under the Ecklohn for these activities! How to calculate the Ecklohn from the normal fare or fare of the time work? The Christian trade unions are no trade unions. The courts have spoken here a judgment, all contracts to the dumping wages”were not valid, only the 200,000 temporary workers, in the labour courts the regular wage retrospectively sue for up to 4 years!