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February 18, 2019


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EMI Music presents – the best of album of the pine of of edge of after her 2008 announced creative break edge spruce celebrate your comeback in 2010 with lots of new live dates and a new album. Electrola released on this occasion the first “BEST OF” album with all hits, the most beautiful ballads and party firecrackers of the unprecedented success of the stars of the Erzgebirge Ore mountains. Already with the 1997 debut album “DO WHISTLES DR Fox” the folk music trio from Johanngeorgenstadt in the Ore mountains, close to the Czech border a furore in his Saxon homeland. Since then, RIM spruce inspire your growing fanbase with self-penned songs of mood and funny intoned folk tunes that have become the trademark of the band. Jonathan Rosen PR has much to offer in this field. With the cult hit of the old Haq, who gave them numerous awards such as for example “the Golden hen”, the “German tuning fork”, the “ECHO”, the “HERBERT ROTH Prize” and the “Crown of folk music”, the very large, succeeded in 2004 nationwide breakthrough beyond the borders of the folk music scene beyond. It numerous platinum and gold awards followed for singles, albums and DVDs, top 10 and top 20 rankings and even appearances on pop-oriented TV shows such as TOP OF THE POPS and THE DOME. With her song “Now really the PARTY LOS” they occupied a respectable 6-th place in the first Bundesvision song contest on Pro 7 in the year 2005 also.

Now, just in time for the comeback of the “spruce”, EMI released 2010 music the ultimate collection of the biggest hits from rim spruce on a CD with a total 19 + 1 titles. Among them the Haq all great successes, such as “now the PARTY really LOS”, “DE funny HOLZHACKERLEIT”, “Which comes from the ROWING” and “Claude NEHEMIE”. Title 20 is the popular Club steppers remix of the “because DR old Haq is still alive?”, which completes the tracklisting as a bonus track. As a special treat, an exclusive edge pine POSTER with a brand new design for the local party cellar and an alternate COVER, which can be changed by simply turning can be found on the CD sleeve. EDGE pine “BEST OF”-a must for all friends of folk music.