March 11, 2019


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Telemarketing is one of the most direct means of market available today. With him we are able to establish instant communications with potential clients. In direct Marketing campaigns are aware of the potential of telemarketing in this type of campaign. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. It is always accompanied by other actions, but its importance is very large, to deal directly with the customer. Companies that offer telemarketing services have people trained to offer the customer a complete campaign, where you can include mailing services to provide it with more forcefulness. This service has enormous benefits for the company that hires a company of telemarketing, which include volumes very high in sales, higher revenues, generate more customers, greater number of interviews with customers, more sales and therefore higher profits. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. Campaigns can be in incoming calls or outgoing calls, depending on for that company is working and that service is being offered.

The call center are of great importance. There are that this type of services companies offer it applying the LISMI referring to corporate social responsibility. Outgoing calls play a very important role since the phone was released. Sell by phone plays a fundamental role in a direct Marketing campaign, is just the latest stage in the campaign, where the customer has to decide if you purchase the product or not. Incoming calls are less complicated than projections because the people working on this, already know what is asked to close to the product that they sell. Both incoming and outgoing calls are of great importance, some (the ribs) are trying to sell a product to a customer, and in incoming has to attend to the customer in such a way will convince you to purchase the product. Therefore this means of communication is essential in any type of direct Marketing campaign, but it must always be accompanied by other media, sms, e-mail, mailing. Original author and source of the article.