Target Words

August 25, 2019


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The pre-search technique consists of two parts. The target word, and the link with the word target. The target word is that you do. It must be so unique that others do not have that word in the description of your auctions. What works well is to incorporate into its bay, the user ID and the words that describe what you are targeting. Put it all together and no space to form a word. For example, “youruseridelvisshaker” substitution “YourUserID” with your own eBay User ID. Next we need to generate search for that word.

Go to Advanced Search Bay (the link is just below the search box in the upper right corner of the page of almost every Bay). To save time in the future, you may want to add this site to favorites yuor so you can return to it quickly. Enter your target word in the search box, and be sure to check the box “Search title and description.” Now click search. The search showed “0 items found your user id evlis shaker.” If ANY returned search listings, you need to scrap the word goal and reach another. (You could also want to find out why someone you are using your user ID in your auction listings.) At the top of your browser screen, you’ll see a box marked “Address.” It should look strange and long World Wide Web URL. This is the URL of the page you want to send to Ms. Bidder. To do this, we have to make a link to this page.

Now, we want to tell Ms. Bidder who were kind enough to help find more of the shaker inspired Elvis was interested in establishing the link to read “To see more of our Shaker inspired Elvis Click Here” with the click here to send the Ms. Bidder to the search URL. The final part of the pre-search is to target our word in the description. You may want to change the font color of the target word to a color very similar to the background color of your ad, so there is no longer visible so only for honest sellers to steal the target word and put it in their own auctions. To save time you can configure the link to the pre-search and the words addressed to all as a block of code / text that can be saved to a text file. Simply be a matter of copy and paste the entire block on your ad. When someone is viewing your ad, which means that they are interested in whatever you are selling. With the pre-search link inserted into your ad, you are just a quick click away all the magazines that target exactly what you are interested in that very moment, without letting them see other items from sellers. Eye longer lists = more sales.