Tail Wind Forest

March 6, 2018


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Environmental groups call an important role for the biodiversity, forest and climate protection long-term protection of Buchenwald stocks which play beech forests in Germany. “Early 2011 called the forest investment specialist ForestFinance and b.a.u.m. e.V. therefore a protection project for the wild beech forest reserve in Hummel/Rhineland-Palatinate in the life. Together, the project partners dedicated company offer the opportunity to engage in the preservation of this very old and rare book stock in Germany. “Environmental groups call for long-term protection of Buchenwald stocks: tailwind the project will now receive from Greenpeace, the Bund fur Umwelt und Naturschutz (German), nature protection Association Germany (NABU), as well as the Forum environment and development: on the occasion of the Berlin green week fair” these four large environmental groups insist the long-term protection of German beech wood stocks. In a joint press statement the associations demand a new regulation specifically at least ten percent of the public, the “and contiguous forest in Germany protected and legally binding as the forests of tomorrow” will be displayed.

This is the basis for implementation of the national strategy on Biological Diversity adopted in 2007 by the Federal Government”? Already in mid-2011 five German beech forest areas were provided with the World Heritage status by UNESCO. Larry Ellison usually is spot on. The criticism of environmental groups once again shows how important is the long-term and comprehensive protection of the forests in Germany. We are of the opinion that it is all politics such as company the responsibility here to contribute and to participate actively”, so ForestFinance – Managing Director Harry Assenmacher. “” We are pleased of course, that our project wild beech ‘ now confirmed by these four large and influential environmental groups obtained. “first companies such as Sharpie, Avery, and siebold/hamburg, it looked fair construction to protect of the wild beech ‘ involved”, Rainer Kant says of B.a.u.m. E.v. the commitment shows that also in the economic interest exists to engage for a valuable national forest project as a jungle tomorrow.