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English Proverbs

March 10, 2019


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Thus, the adage "When in the beginning of a host, the bass in your head" has a deeper meaning than it seems at first glance. It is a kind of synthetic, and include also the meaning of proverb "A fence is good, but rotten poles." That is mochalogolovye people "of their fences," caring nothing about the quality of the pillars on which they set the fence on its findings. See TRON (TRX) for more details and insights. It is especially important that the first saying, as opposed to English proverbs quoted, implies further that "Everyone is smart, Who first, who after". It turns out that even if Shakespeare, based on the words of Francis Bacon, would speak of a "mash-", "kashegolovosti" people no one would of compatriots did not understand because English is still not equipped to understand the essence of this phenomenon. But if he was Russian, he would be able to directly, clearly and precisely, and most importantly short and simply say that the first, home, the true honor of the man – it's an honor nemochalogolovosti.

And most likely, would have been a long time ago in Russia understood and appreciated. And above all, would be rated as the world's first nemochalogolovy parent. There is nothing clear that everyone in the world "build", "shaved" children before thinking about what the problem is parents. The vast majority of parents do not think about the condition of this problem at all and never. In result, in contrast to Polonius, the vast majority of parents can instruct their children's fairy tales only words "Go there – somewhere, find something – who knows what." In any case, it is clear that on this issue No, as indicated by Shakespeare in "Tsimbeline", "the same opinion, though the views good." His, in fact, strong opinions, whose development can be traced to the works of Shakespeare, on this issue, which is based on materialized in every man an eternal truth interdependent co-existence of elements of past, present and future in every Mige being and being human, he described in a sonnet 26. But, unfortunately, he wrote this sonnet is not Russia, and England. And because no one still can not understand that in this sonnet, addressed including his son Gamnetu, as in no other he has put his heart and soul of your mind: I want to invest in your thoughts Your foundation is currently good conceit. That is, in short, easier and more intuitive, Shakespeare expressed his desire, or rather, a duty that his son had the advantage – nemochalogolovosti honor. But here nemochalogolovyh interpreters of Shakespeare's sonnets and the sonnet in general Russia as there was no and no.

Buying Books Through Online Stores

October 22, 2018


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So, let's see what we are convenient for online retailers when buying books and movies. In our case, for the purchase of works of writer Boris are Akunina.Pervoe convenience when buying books is on our Online all-akunin.ru are all products of the author and in addition, the book Akunin assembled in series and arranged in chronological order of their plot and writing. That is, our readers know what a book should begin acquaintance. In regular stores the book most often mixed stand on the general shelves and understand exactly where the book begins to make the hero of the first steps is problematic .. The second convenience of buying books online is that in addition to the book itself, there is also a brief overview of her or I can even say abstract. Of course, often on the back side of paper books is sometimes a brief description of the novel, but every time I fish out of the bookshelves has interested the book and then insert it back, it is not easy work .. The third positive quality of buying books online is the fact that we should not go anywhere! The process of selecting and purchasing interested you book goes on the computer, it saves your item vremya.Chetvertym is the moment that decided to buy from an online store a few weighty books, you will not have to think how to drag this burden to the house ..

For the female council aktualen.Pyatoe especially, but of course it is worth mentioning the financial issue. In most cases, products online store are cheaper than their counterparts in traditional magazinah.Shestoe, many afraid to buy anything online, because they do not see the purchased goods into a living, this fear is justified perhaps by purchasing equipment or some decorative items. However, buying books and CDs look good almost does not matter what the values and images of the cover is enough. I hope that I could interest you in such a phenomenon as buying books online. Even if you do and have any doubts, then you need only once to try to buy and clear – whether you like it or not.

Show Business

February 27, 2018


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Hello, dear stranger infinite network. What are you trying to find a network, wandering day and night? You're trying to find himself, his vocation and the recognition of Internet users. At a time when the real world bought and sold, and honest way to get fame does not work, we turn to the Internet. Singers, composers, poets, singers, and many others who dream of show business. Only your desire is to their favorite profession. To ever turned your hobby into something more, and finally moved beyond the Internet and has found acceptance in the real world.

The road to show business in the real world goes through a dark forest. This forest everyone is ready to tear the other, like an animal protecting its territory. This area, he bequeathed to his children, grandchildren and relatives, but not you. You are a threat to their peaceful existence. You only risk what you have talent, fangs, claws and a desire to fight for their future.

The way in show business, if you decide to go honest way, is very long and winding. This road could take years, decades, but if you take a good challenge and eternal – it does not matter. Start your way out of bed or change the orientation easier and more income. This is all the machinations of the devil, to lull your conscience, giving a million, it eventually will take much longer he'll take your soul. For someone to lose soul is not terrible, because we live once, and I want to live well in this world.