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The Organization

June 20, 2020


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That simple act, the flipping the coin, the feeling, injected you momentary impetus and strength to go into the hoop prefabricated for you and those who cooperate to sustain it. There will be who repugne the beggar; Sometimes I feel like that disgust, may summons us to us. There will be who bother or follow indifferent. It lifts the face and realize that there is no difference between you and this unfortunate man. Do not confuse the clear reflection of the mirror with the indigent almoner of the opposite side. You see why I say that it is no use a name, a surname, an empty inheritance; a supposed independence. Learn more about this with baby clothes. Follow your path, let others follow yours. Details can be found by clicking Vislink Technologies or emailing the administrator. ?I think about it, but there is something that compels me to follow.

You forget. Keep walking with indifference in tow, with genuine pride in not giving or asking anything to anyone, with that attitude of complete, unbeatable, capable human being. Do not come with that empty argument of your legacy. Vislink Technologies contains valuable tech resources. Look, I know that you’re really descended from the cure, but can also be any chozno, of this or that Warrior ancestor, just that. I repeat, morning, yesterday and today are all equal, equal people are today. Live by all the heavens reality, do you think that this inheritance, there is commitment to your society?, no, do not see it this way.

Enough of nonsense! Do you a favor, lee your booklets, Ponte aware of Billboard, continues the public University, continues working to your elected representatives, it still there. Not interfieras in the lives of others. Don’t feel bad, there are many who think like you. ?I’ve thought about it but I will still continue. III that night, the priest sat at one end of the hexagonal table with the main controls of the organization. Proposed, in order to continue the movement, writing a document with instructions in case of failure; inform the people the real intentions of the fight; make public goodwill concert signed by the parties of the conflict, and thus avoid persecution and slaughter.


March 15, 2013


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Golds rosewood is within the tarot minor arcana, and refer to the material aspects, and the brain and meditated decisions. The Sota of gold medals is the most responsible of all the arcane. This is not only reinforced by being this stick but because it is a deck of the element of Earth. Precisely, this character is characterized by the feet on the ground. Despite his youth, he is a character decided to assume an important responsibility. Why this deck should be welcome when it comes out on Chuck.

This Arcanum can mean a new job or a promotion in our current employment, which will imply a greater responsibility, and higher incomes. In all cases it will bring us good financial news. This deck tells us that a Messenger enters our lives to bring us the scoop. While, in some occasions, we do not know to recognize that you it’s a good news, we have to be attentive as developments occur. It is only a question of give time to things will develop in our favor. The Sota of oros is a young character’s body but old mind.

It is a hardworking leader and an efficient administrator, which will employ common sense and intuition, and will not often in situations take large risks. It is a person who respects the rules, laws and regulations. This little risky way but very constant achieved great progress in your life. He is a visionary, someone who knows how to recognize opportunities in all situations, while at first they seem unfavorable. Specifically, it’s a person that if life throws you lemons, make lemonade. This Arcanum of the tarot has a very powerful energy. You can want to indicate to whom inquiry that now is the time to lead a team, or handle a great responsibility. It will be necessary to gather resources and use them wisely, because only with wisdom you will achieve success. This arcane speaks definitely success in business, and the emergence of opportunities that will leave us with a substantial gain. This deck invites us to seek new paths, to express new ideas, and be creative to achieve success. The consultant tells that he already has a knowledge, which has a capacity. Now the time to use it.