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March 21, 2014


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But anyway, what should I look for when buying a fishing line: Packaging and spool – in an honest fishing line packaging printing is clear, happy eyes. Quality of the spool on which fishing line is wound, too, should not cause complaints – such as burrs, fin, etc. General enough once carefully examine the packaging and fishing line spool really honest so you do not buy notorious samopal. (But the quality of fakes, unfortunately, is also growing …) The packaging is usually given two numbers: Breaking strength and diameter. The thinner the line was, the less effort must be expended to break, but at the same diameter at different woods breaking strength can vary, and how it is bigger, the better. As for diameter, if your reel two cops, the one I would suggest fishing line 0,16-0,18 mm, and the other 0,24-0,28. If the seller does not mind, try to purchase of a fishing line to break even handed, it should not break like a rotten thread. The softness of fishing line – an important parameter influencing and casting distance, and the possibility of obtaining 'beard' for a throw.

The softer the better, so Choose a fishing line labeled 'soft'. Color – I personally prefer the yellow fluorescent (fluo), to see where the bait goes. If we talk about specific names, it has recently proved itself a good fishing line with a strange called Climax. I've been using it for three years, and left until it either hits. Braided fishing line – if the financial possibilities permit, be nice to have one of the spool braided twine.