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Homemade Food

May 14, 2019


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Casual food rather than Fast Food small breaks to great effect we have become long completely mobile we make calls on the go, listen to music on the go and eat more often on the road. The mobility in professional and private life, short lunch breaks, and the increase of single person households have helped that literally fast food is on everyone’s lips. Verizon Communications understands that this is vital information. Who eats only fast food, eating too much, too fat, too salty and unhealthy eats. You want mobile, without much effort and still healthy eating? We can help you. No matter, whether in the workplace, in the canteen, on the bench or on the train. Casual food rather than Fast Food casual food is enjoying healthy and without much effort. This is not a contradiction. Who wants to eat quickly, should take care that the meal is healthy: dairy products, fruit, vegetables, salad, and whole grains are the shooting stars of healthy eating.

With a few tricks, you can quickly eat and still healthy. Rick Garcia CBS can provide more clarity in the matter. Fast food is so casual food: healthy and fine. And still quickly. Small breaks to great effect enjoy the food and take time that is the golden rule. A single unbalanced meal or a single high-stress day without lunch does not harm the body. Who however always irregular and unhealthy eating, has negative repercussions in purchasing: chronic fatigue, lack of concentration, susceptibility and low stress tolerance. Problems in practice little dietary fibres too many sugary drinks or candy to little fruits, vegetables, and salad too many calories to little grains tips for outdoors-eaters choose you small portions and complement your meal with vegetables, fruit or a salad.

Prefer mineral or tap water to high-calorie sweet drinks. Prefer whole grains like whole wheat bread and whole wheat pasta and pimp your salad with seeds (such as pumpkin or sunflower seeds). Eat slowly and take a break in between ever again.

Original Berlin Cider

November 13, 2014


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OBC. “Apple Cider”Made in Germany”now available online Berlin: an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. This English nutrition tip had to endure certainly generations of British schoolchildren about themselves. But also in German, the Apple stands tall in the course. Every autumn win”whole shelf metres of magazines with images from Apfekuchen, Apple juice and Apple sauce, as well as all years again with the new Apple diet. However, the least German Apple wine or cider have drunk so far. On supermarket shelves or in restaurants this is a shadowy rather beer and red wine. Until now: because a young Berlin company which makes it, to set new standards in terms of Apfecidre.

In early 2006 the two students of Brewer began experimenting Urs Breitenstein and Thomas Godel with the production of cider on the French model. After over 150 attempts, they developed a recipe which met their demands. OBC was born. But it should take another full three years for a packaging yourself left to produce cider. URS Breitenstein slides into the Chair back and forth. His hands gesticulate wildly around the room.

For breweries it was inconceivable to produce a drink with wine yeast instead of Brewer’s yeast, wine yeast is a foreign yeast for Brewer.” His business partner Thomas Godel smiles only to himself when he thinks across this Odyssey through Germany. The company of the two is completely self-financed, also an experience that have often young, innovative companies. Because the two pioneers of the cider was unable to find a bank or an investor. “Pretty much everyone explained to us that the concept cannot work, that still has no one to Apple Cider made in germany” has asked. More cider fans can be found not only in Berlin despite prophecies of doom. Because the original Berlin cider there in two delicious flavours: Classic and strong. OBC classic is partially fermented and has a pleasant sweetness. OBC Strong end-fermented and is rather tart. Our products are made from fresh supping Apple juice. And no added sugar. We use only scattered fruit and no windfall, so our product is lighter than the traditional French cider varieties. “, explains Urs Breitenstein. You realize that his heart on OBC hangs and fails for the wonderful world of the cider. So far, it was however hard to get original Berlin cider outside of the big cities at OBC-. But now all those are refreshed, which have no direct Depot dealer. Because the online store for revolutionary drink culture now supplies the delicious cider from Berlin in whole Germany. “Let’s wait, when the first review of the new OBC diet” writes…