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The Minister Aldir Passarinho Jnior

May 2, 2019


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The conviction of the insuring one will only appear if proven that the insured acted with guilt or deceit in the accident, from there the necessity of integration of the contractor, under penalty, also, of restraining of access. 19 In the Superior Court of Justice, exists those that form one third positioning, for understanding to be the safe from one facultative civil liability, being I stimulate for third, being able the victim to exclusively interpose direct action and in face of the insurer, in view of if to deal with institute that establishes exception the beginning of the relativity of the contractual effect, what it allows that the contract reaches who of it was not part originarily: The deriving relations of an insurance contract are not locked in between the contracting parties, being able to reach third beneficiary, as it occurs with the casualty or life insurances, classic examples pointed by the doctrine. In the stipulations for third, this can be indetermined future person and, being enough that it is determinable, as in the case of the insurance, where if it identifies the beneficiary at the moment of the accident. The third beneficiary, despite he has not been party to contract, has legitimacy to file a suit direct action against the insuring one, to charge the foreseen contractual indemnity in its favor. 20 Aiming at to support the victims, as well as to prevent the enrichment illicit of insuring a doctrine and the jurisprudence, after diverse quarrels on the application of the theory of the reimbursement, when analyzing the consequncias that this could cause come adopting new possibilities, as the possibility to file a suit direct action in face of the insurer, as mentioned in the citation above. The Minister Aldir Passarinho Jnior, understands that he is not cabvel third (victim) to directly petition action for indemnification in face of the insurer, in view of this not to be part of the harmful event: To the part author, supposed victim of the traffic accident, it the bringing suit of demand of indemnity against insuring of the male defendant is not authorized pretense causer of the damage, since it is not part of the harmful event.

Successful Employment

May 30, 2018


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Mankind has always sought to make their lives easier. In order to improve working people invent more and more appliances and devices, such as a wheel, the lever, a mill and other machinery. But the real revolution occurred only when the researchers presented to the world electronic computer or, more simply, a computer. In modern society the computer is an integral part of life. The importance of the computer now felt in almost every sphere of activity. From schoolchildren to directors of organizations – all use the computer.

The importance of computer use in our daily activities led to the need of studying it bases. The computer can be useful not only for work but also for personal purposes. Computer skills required for the device to almost any position. If you own a PC before the user-level thought significant advantage and competitive advantage, now it becomes as a natural requirement as the ability to read and write. Often requires knowledge not only Word and Excel, and more complex programs. For example, you imagine a modern company accountant, who does not know the program 1C Accounting? Or designer without knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Corel Draw? Not all these programs, you can learn yourself.

If a young man sitting at a child computer, this is a feasible task, the adult and the elderly, it sometimes just impossible. To help both beginners and fairly advanced users called learning centers, specializing in computer courses. In St. Petersburg, are many of them. When choosing courses you should pay attention to the training centers that are longer and therefore have more experience in matters of training in information technology. Also provided further interesting options. For example, assistance in finding employment after graduation rates or the possibility of individual and corporate trainings. Separately, you can select training centers, which not only provide in-depth knowledge in computer technology, but also reinforce their respective international certificate ECDL (European Computer Driving License), also known as ICDL (International Computer Driving License). This document confirms that the holder can "steer" on a set of programs. The certificate ECDL provides a significant advantage in employment, including those abroad, as well as significantly increases the chances of compared to competitors who do not have this certificate. Remember, statistically, certified professionals are 10-20% more than non-certified staff. One of the training centers that qualified provides a multidisciplinary training to work on the PC of course the user to the issue of an international certificate of ECDL, the Institute of Information Technology.

Civil Code

March 8, 2018


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Ernest Tzirulnik and Ayrton Pimentel, based in the caption of article 787 of the Civil Code understands that: ' ' In the safe from civil liability, the insurer guarantees the payment of damageses due for the insured terceiro' '. (As opposed to Southwest Airlines). 10 Entendem that, she does not have necessity of the insured to integrate the passive polar region of the action, having the victim to directly interpose action in face of the insurer, according to them, the guarantee given in the liability insurances for the insurer, it is of elimination of the patrimonial effect the imputation of responsibility to the insured, thus, after proven the debt, will have the insurer to effect the payment directly to third. 11 Peter Alvim supports the positioning of that the insured must be demanded in set with the insurer, and that after to integrate it deals, will be able to effect the payment directly the victim, not having to exceed the upstream value contracted by the insured: It defends the possibility of if establishing a joinder of defendants between insured and insurer, being that tied with the victim in reason of being the agent of the tort and this tying in virtue of being the guarantor of the indemnity, until the limit of the covering of the policy. 12 to defend this positioning, Peter Alvim was used of analyzes of the caption of article 787 of the Civil Code, for it, to interpose joint action in face of the insured and of the insurer I benefit backwards it of the procedural economy and the promptness in the solution of conflicts for justice, as well as the accomplishment of the social function of the insurance. 13 But nor all agrees to these positionings, according to doutrinadora Melisa Wedge Pepper, the minority chain defends the theory of the reimbursement, where the victim will have to file a suit action in face of the insured and this will have to denounce deals the insurer, who only in the execution phase procedural the victim will be able to proceed directly with the payment.