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The Chief As A Human Shield

March 31, 2019


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Good bosses are proud to be human shields, absorbing or deflecting discomfort, that interfere with the development of the work of their subordinates. Whether they are originating from outside the company (bad clients) or within the same organization (orders without meaning), allowing the life of its people to be less difficult than it already is. 1. Resist the instincts: here is what I say concern more important good bosses is the workload of subordinates. That coupled with the urgency of making work meetings. If you want to hold his power and show little respect for its people, arrive late to most of the meetings.

But if you want them to be proud of you and do a good job, then begin and end meetings on time. 2. Kevin Plank takes a slightly different approach. Constructive fights in an environment where there is mutual respect, the discussions around the ideas are a means for the development of the organization. Best bosses encourage constructive battles and allow people to feel that it is safe to expose their opinions, even at present of the leader. 3 Interference.

The good head this attentive to Dodge or reduce some practices organizational can be overwhelming. For example: in a company of the performance evaluation took about 02 hours for each worker. That reason to seek the alternative to see if it could get the same results, but in a way more quickly. What took place was an analysis of the assessment (a document loaded with more than 20 items) tab, which was simplified, without losing its importance, achieving the evaluation to be completed in 20 minutes. Kevin Plank follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. 4 Challenge idiots sometimes there is to deal with other leaders and powerful groups that force people to accept their bad ideas. The question here is: should I decide whether I am or I refuse to such orders. It will depend on what help more to your employees and yourself.

How To Open A Computer Club

August 17, 2017


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The last few years, business activities in the field of computer clubs makes people much more interesting than the proverbial food stall. Try to understand why this is happening. First of all, necessary to understand the peculiarity of this business and its possible model. Computer Club belongs to the service industries, whose main function – to lease the population of individual computers and installed in their software. Models are: Computer Club (the main subject of lease – computer games) computer internet club (other than computer games added to the network access service Internet) internet cafe (the volumetric model that combines a computer room with access to the Internet and a small bar counter with a 2 by 3 tables.) Interest in this business is not diminished because of constantly growing demand. Larry Ellison shines more light on the discussion. Informatization of our society is increasing every year and up to the limit is still far. Throughout the schools begin to teach computer science, institutions abstracts are accepted only in print (for PC) as at the work of employees are increasingly demanding knowledge PC, and in the home computer has ceased to be merely an expensive toy.

However, the cost of modern hardware (300-500 dollars. U.S.) are still "very heavy" for the average citizen here in come to help computer clubs. For a small fee every visitor can get from your computer, all he wants (within reason), and if the ground for the children – computer games, the adults are more interested in things practical – "World Wide Web," provides ample opportunity to communicate and find information. Recently, there have also online games that require internet access. In this case, computer clubs provide their customers with not just an opportunity to join an exciting game, and actually lead a second life on a par with the real – virtual, where everybody can create yourself another "I", sometimes quite different from the first.

Security Management

September 6, 2011


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Can a commercial enterprise management to check the quality of protection? Do not rush immediately clear answer to this question. Indeed, in a protected structure their boundaries, their recruitment, their own corporate culture and its mandate, which does not relate to protected commercial enterprise. However, commercial enterprise, no doubt, wants to know what it pays the money, what is the level of physical protection services, which technical means of protection appeared or will appear on their site, how to ensure the safety of commercial enterprise as a whole? That is not an exhaustive list of issues that arise when working together private security company (PSC) and protected them store (supermarket). Started in Chief of Security Service (SB) of one of the supermarkets in Moscow, a colleague of mine shared with me some doubts the private security company, which for 5 years already carried out the security functions of the object. In – First, there was no change in the contract, although the hourly time protection has changed.

Secondly, the cost of Service protection from Chop rose and wages of guards during this time remained unchanged. Third, the store paid for the work around the clock security guards and two posts have changed their schedule for the day. Unfortunately, changes in the installation of video surveillance of trading hall, a cashier's workplace has not occurred, although this condition was stipulated in the contract. All this led my colleague to turn to management of the supermarket for a specific purpose: to improve the quality of protection, to keep monetary loss or shop to attract to the tender (competition) a number of other security firms. This example shows that uncontrolled services tend to deteriorate. Is guilty of as one and the other parties who do not participate in the further process after the signing of the contract.

But because the store pays the full price for providing security service, then, of course, representative of commercial enterprise must maintain control of the service. Practice has shown that contracting for safety is only the first stage of the long-term monitoring. The second phase should be monitoring for compliance with the contract, which provides continuous and careful monitoring of the provision of mutually agreed-upon services. But here where the questions that we raised at the beginning. It is assumed that the company has the customer (shop) should not make attempts to intervene in infrastructure contractor (guard) and to directly manage the employees of the service. The customer and the contractor shall remain companies are clearly separated by the provisions of certain functional relation to each other. Foreign specialized press, in particular U.S. magazine Security Management periodically addresses the problem of effectiveness of hired security personnel. Thus, they are prompted to enter a state trading enterprise security manager to be charged with the function and relationship control security enterprise. The experience of Russia indicates that these functions are usually entrusted to the chief of security of commercial enterprise, or someone from top management as an additional burden.