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Mobile Operators – Payment Services

December 10, 2019


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Life in our country is changing, changing forever the consciousness and habits. Southwest Airlines has firm opinions on the matter. For example, and walk away is not necessary – that usually only recently perceived by society as a manifestation of excess and luxury – at the moment becomes a necessity, which is designed to make life easier. GSM standard came into our life fundamentally and irrevocably. Cell phones today are not only people from the business sphere, but also for ordinary students, pensioners and students. Learn more at: Gary Kelly. Letters, cards for birthdays, telegram recede into the past, yielding its place calls, sms, communication in icq, dubbed the people 'Asya'.

Phone no longer serves just to have a conversation as such: people communicate with each other, share photos, give gifts, songs and ringtones to their loved ones are using the Internet, cheat on exams, etc. That is why the line items of our citizens pay MGTS every month is increasing, while the tariffs on the majority of operators are gradually declining. There are several forms of payment Cellular: Payment due in the cabin of any cellular operator. Typically, in such a salon you offer a wide range of services, ranging from the sale of phones, SSD-memory cards and other accessories for telephones, up to advice on selecting the best for your service plan of any operator. In the event of such commission form of payment, in most cases, will be charged. However, there is a big minus – vanity, and large queues. In the afternoon, in the salons of many visitors who wish to pay for the phone.

Moreover, in the case of problems with transfer payment will have to reapply with a check for payment. As for the payment through the payment system. Terminals are installed everywhere, in supermarkets, train stations, airports, clinics, markets. It is very convenient and no queues and crowds. However, the tangible net commission percentages are similar forms of payment. If you have problems with payment and enrollment it is necessary to contact the company servicing the terminal. Payment via Express Card. Conveniently and quickly, and you can purchase cards in any public place. Minus – there were a fake card, and the difference between the credited amount and value of the card express payment is very much palpable. Payment for the services of mobile operators through the ATM. The Commission for the transfer of funds is not raised, but only if the ATM and bank card 'native', ie the same bank. Unfortunately, these ATMs are not widely available. Payment via the World Wide Web. Top-up account, you can phone at any time, and not leaving your home or office. Reliable – cancellation of an electronic money whether or WebMoney Yandex occurs only when a successful transaction promptly, as the transaction is instantaneous. Among the shortcomings – the commission rate for services, even if not large. As we can see, there are many ways to pay for the services of mobile operators, each chooses the most convenient option. Yes, and GSM operators are constantly introducing new services 'confidential payment' transfer of money from the account of one room to another. All this saves your time and keep in touch.

Building A House, Buying Bonds Is Not So Simple

December 5, 2016


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Changed the legislative system of participation of investors in real estate construction has forced all the participants of the process to apply more sophisticated, multi-contractual legal relationship. Thus, in Unlike pre-existing possibilities under which the investor a contract shall pay, and received in consequence of property ownership, today he will sign three or more contracts different both in its essence and in content. Understanding this system, the vision of all the steps from first to last, will help investors understand and often to avoid some mistakes. More details on the differences between the new order from pre-existing, noting its strengths and weaknesses, and affecting some of its features, says a lawyer and managing partner of law firm "The Tempest & Partners Sergei Storm. To know more about this subject visit Scott M. Kahan CFP. What existed before the practice of buying Real Estate at the stage of its construction? Construction project has always demanded from the developer of reliable and stable sources of funding.

Typically, the initial stage of the customer had to bring their own or borrowed funds, at the same time, as we move the construction, the demand for credit resources become less and the customer is fully able to use new financial flows – funds from investors (natural persons). The legal basis for the use of such funds became a contract of investment (equity participation in the construction sector), concluded between a developer and investor and is not subject to any registration or notarization. Investor deprived of control over the use of funds to pay in accordance with the schedule, while remaining a bystander in the course of the construction process, hoping that construction will be completed successfully before the deadline.

European Protection

May 16, 2012


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Ex code indicates that the equipment has labeled protections against the explosion and then the next symbol shows the type of protection, which is achieved by means of explosion protection. According to the European classification adopted also in the Russian Federation, there are The following types of protection: d – flameproof enclosure e – Increased safety ia, ib, ic – intrinsically safe (IBTS); h – sealed insulation m – partitioning into capsules with the isolation of an explosive atmosphere o – oil filling p – method of high pressure q – powder filling s – special protection, for example, consider the type of protection Ex industrial telephone Ex ResistTel. His markings – 2Exem ib IICT5. Explosion phone have such protections as' intrinsically safe ',' increased safety 'and' partition on the capsule with the isolation of an explosive atmosphere. " The marking appropriated for communications equipment based on Certification provides information on the conditions in which the equipment will be explosion proof.

This information is contained in the code following the type of protection. The first code is a pointer category of gases and vapors, and the second shows the physical parameters determined for each gas or vapor mixtures – ignition temperature. Gas or steam mixture are classified as follows: Group I – Gas and steam mixture in mines (underground work), Group II – gas and steam mixture to all other objects and types of work group II, in turn, divided into subgroups – IIA, IIB and IIC Subgroups vary the degree of explosion, characterized by the following physical parameters – 'maximum clearance between the flanges of the shell, through which there is no transmission of the explosion from the inside of the shell to the external environment' – short BEMZ, and 'minimum current ignition mixture with respect to the current auto-ignition of methane ', for short – MTV. Explosive gas atmosphere is growing from the top down, so the equipment, found fit for use in class IIC, can be used and in the subgroups IIB and IIA. Often such equipment is marked with only the group number II.

From this classification it follows that, for example, explosion-proof telephone Ex ResistTel labeling of which contains a cipher II, may be used in all industries and jobs, except for mines or other underground works, in all gaseous environments, the respective temperature class T5. Total classification of gas ignition temperature according to Russian State Standards includes six items from T1 to T6 inclusive. Numeral before the symbol Ex labeling indicates the level of protection. There are three: Level 2 – "equipment with superior explosion" – Explosion-proof electrical equipment in MDM provides protection during normal operation, Level 1 – "Explosion-proof equipment" – explosion-proof electrical equipment in which protection is provided as a