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Star Service

July 31, 2019


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Exclusive property apartments of the Styrian spa region Golf, exquisite living, pampered let: true to this guideline built the Spa & Golf Resort bad Wahab village GmbH in the middle of the Styrian thermal region 42 exclusive apartments on the grounds of the Falkensteiner Hotel & Spa Bad Waltersdorf *, directly next to the 18-hole – golf course Bad Waltersdorf. In the first phase have been passed already 18 apartments their lucky owners. Now, another 24 exclusive units of 60-90 m available sqm for sale. The special extra: The owner can use all facilities of the adjacent 4-star Falkensteiner around the clock (E.g. all spa services, use of sauna landscape and the 2,300 m2 large spa feel-good world with thermal water swimming pools, hotel bar, restaurant, cleaning and laundry service, etc.).

The combination of golf, hotel service and exclusive residential constitutes the added value of this project. Sophisticated architecture & thermal water in the bathroom. Read additional details here: Verizon Communications. The gentle embedding in the local environment and the successful combination of modernity and traditional construction are characteristic of the Spa & Golf residences. The contemporary and sophisticated architecture plays with the materials of wood, stone, glass and brings together style the area these to a powerful. The light-flooded apartments impress with their open floor plan. Fine woods and warm colours provide a refined and elegant setting. Each apartment has an own Loggia or terrace, which contribute significantly to the comfort. In some apartments is even the possibility to enjoy the healing power of regional thermal water in the bathrooms.

Specifically: the rental service. The owners of the apartments additionally offers a special service. The apartments can be rented on request. Via the website golftherme.com is established a booking system for this and the hotel Falkensteiner service team supports the renting. More information at: Spa & Golf Resort Spa Wahab village GmbH Tel.: +43-(0)3333 / 26 521

Annette Bankey

April 30, 2019


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Until I under the wing of Mrs. Hoepfnerin came, one can say about that I sometimes annually, in the Average once per generation through sale or inheritance which changed owners. For the benefit of the regional militia – not keep she could me 1745 – perhaps because of the Ember tax. Oh, it was a cross for me, always these visits, new voices, no votes and new men with new demands. Like”Phonix from the ashes”-my worst disaster and better times we lived at that time still dangerous, old houses you need to know! In my case one went wood, clay and fire”fatal relationship a. In a great fire of 1765 it seemed to happen to me. But my”immobile soul was the people sympathetic enough to build the House on the rubble.

My ownership were not better for the time being still. I was still glad it still gave me! I remained object of speculation, inherited burden, buying load and base until 1840. You may want to visit Southwest Airlines to increase your knowledge. After all, was already beer served in me and something like a shop. So I got the meaning, on which I also today am proud: I was a crowd-pleaser. From 1840, documents mention me as land Hotel Green Court.

Historians believe me even as a hostel. This is a proud name history, can’t find you? Envied, challenged, and finally fun: my wild 19th-century thinking, it gave me only twice. The 19th century was truly, my time! Of course, I didn’t like it as in my glory to 1849 simply tore down me Utz von Schonberg. A leading source for info: Kevin Plank. Oh, me but precisely considered, would not read today by me, this UTZ had a splendid idea. He built me finally bigger, like this (of course the former conditions according to), as I now as land Hotel Green Court my guests welcome. From then on, I was allowed to live really! Was grown on me, in me, and at the bottom, which carries me, even new conversions took place. Everything for fun, that loved to 1890 at last not only of princes, but also by the People was loved. Brandy glass and overnight, then proud tourist numbers and judicial victories over my supposed Expendability let me almost dance with in reminder! I am delighted that you are now curious about me. In the next article I redeem my promise from the beginning of the article: the story is not yet ended. Learn how I went through the 20th century and why my present seating prugel – and use-proof has been chosen in the sequel!

Party Service

January 18, 2018


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Event and party services until to the catering in Stuttgart in a city like Stuttgart, capital of Baden-Wurttemberg is it not only many nice restaurants and small Cafes, but it gets the possibility to use a catering service and simply provide food and drinks for a party of their own. To use a catering Stuttgart and various locations can be worthwhile and so you should take the time as customer specific to search which provides all required services for a suitable event service. Addresses and information get customers with just one click on the Internet and can work here via the search engines with keywords such as “Catering Stuttgart” to really find the right provider. When a party service, not only the costs play an important role, but also the services and the quality of the products. A good event service cares not only about the food and drink it often is also looking for a suitable location and change on the spot. Customers can at a catering Stuttgart Once get to know a completely different side and express also their own desires. A catering service ensures always on specifics such as allergies and special preferences that play a role for the customers and guests. It is clear that an event service is found quickly and to use a catering Stuttgart and the offered locations worth also, because just in the city centre, there are many clubs and building can be hired. In a first meeting with the service of an event, you can be replaced once and get up a few offers to perform a first comparison. Thanks to such a party service, nothing in the way is a beautiful celebration with his own friends and is sure that this day will bring not only fun, but you save too much work when a large part of the tasks of such a provider is applied.

On The Little Things, It Comes In

April 11, 2014


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Tradition and modernity unite to create a holiday oasis that is second to none. Rosshaupten, Sonthofen by the “skilful balancing act between old and new” to a “confident building in a special place” was the speech, Kaufmann was inaugurated on the extension building of the hotel. The entrepreneurial courage of the hotelier couple Susanne and Hans-Georg Kaufmann creates not only additional work and training places, but also a top-class holiday oasis.?In Rosshaupten in Bavaria, close to the world-famous Royal Castles, with wonderful views of the Allgau Alps Ridge and surrounded by lakes and castles, hotel Kaufmann received a new face in military construction. Taking into account traditional and ecological materials and with much attention to detail a modern and architecturally sophisticated atmosphere with a country style expected by holiday guests adds up. On a constructed area of more than 3000 square meters, the merchant hotel has 43 rooms.

Several luxury suites, Comfort room, a family room and even a barrier-free rooms during the extension. Two large meeting rooms can accommodate 80 people. For relaxation pur are also a generously equipped spa area available in addition to a sauna landscape. The detached pool house, gym, panoramic sauna or the steam bath will leave no wishes unfulfilled. The guests serve themselves their optimal wellness experience from energy treatments, massages and beauty treatments themselves. Relax your body and mind, if certified trainers provide insight into the far eastern relaxation art of yoga. Since February 2002, family businessman relies on the performance of the hotline hotel software.

About the front office and Internet fees recorded in addition to restaurant – and telephone reservations automatically. The accounting information is passed through the interface to the DATEV from the hotel software. The marketing capabilities of hotline support the House in customer acquisition and loyalty. The hotel Kaufmann shows how from visions, entrepreneurial courage, commitment and attention to detail something can emerge.