Stair Lift Prices

March 19, 2019


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Overview of the cost of different stair lift models with the purchase of a stair lift is a high financial burden, because with the purchase of a lift it has not joined yet long. Including staff costs, transport and conversion costs can get added to the basic costs. Almost for each staircase there is a stair lift today, older or disabled people which helps to overcome unevenness in their homes. This distinction is generally between three different lift systems. These systems are: the seat lift and the lift lift the platform lift.

In the construction of stairs and the State of the user decides about which of these three types of lifts can be used in his house or apartment. Here for a stair lift price appropriate to decide, should compare prices of Stairlifts and know what are the benefits of the individual types of lifts with. How to calculate the cost of a stair lift and what there is to keep in mind? There are several points, the decide how much of the selected stairlift in the acquisition. These points are: type of stair lift, the gradient of the stairs (straight or round the corner), whether the ladder is inside or outside, how many floors the elevator should go and how much weight the lift must carry over (up to 150 kg or 150 kg). To note is that the prices may differ depending on the company, in addition, the costs for the installation of lifts to, which is calculated from the work hours are. How expensive are you stair lift on average? The price for a seat lift, located inside and a straight flight of stairs must connect only one floor, calculated on 6,300 9,300 euros on new equipment. If you decide against it for a second-hand unit with same conditions, get cheaper by the half (1,800 to 3,900 euros).

This the used devices mostly wear and small defects, but still fully functional. Different platform and hub lift, this platform lift prices EUR 10,000 to 16,000 new. What related that these types of lifts can transport not only larger loads, but have a difficult installation. One can get the lifts but only for a certain time to maintain low rental costs.