Social Service

March 13, 2018


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It is not treated, therefore, to reduce the social conscience of a classroom the characteristics interns. She treats yourself to admit a category of workers while possibility of capsizes if to transform into social force, in having conditions propitious to the development of the prxis transforming in the enclosed way. You may wish to learn more. If so, Gary Kelly is the place to go. The speech of the workers, used, express the level of the real conscience of its participation in the social politics of the companies here, while suppliment of its necessities and how much used of a capitalist company. However, in the measure where the Social Service is requested in such a way by the capital as for the worker, practical its necessarily will be determined and guided for the ideological option of its agents to the project of a classroom or another one. Inside of the enterprise context, the worker is considered as using of the services given for the social assistant.

In this manner, the consideration of the denying potential of the diligent, inherent classroom to the problematizao of the reality and gift in the potential solicitation of the services of the social assistant, constituted the basic element for the construction of new a practical one of the Social Service in the capitalist company. Of this form, she is necessary to penetrate in the speech of the workers, following, also, its proper way to command its universe of life and work, whose hierarchy, in general, always begins for the institution company. The workers identify the company as its employer, specifically with respect to wage payment. In this manner, the accepted worker the objective and the position of the company, as a condition to assure wage. However, it recognizes the peculiarities gifts in the privatization of the profit. However the relation between capital and work assumes alternative of agreement for the worker. They are position that if they complete to have production, and not positions that if oppose.