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November 23, 2019


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Among them: 61% Project Management 25% 14% project administration The main problems mentor development outsourcing Despite the obvious improvements, the development of entrepreneurship in the industry, the development of subcontracting relationships are still hampered by many factors. The main of them are: lack of sustainable business practices and skills in the organization of production with the use of subcontracting mechanism, lack of teaching materials, lack of qualified organization subcontracting production, the lack of a systematic approach by the federal and regional institutions responsible for the development of industry and support entrepreneurship, the development of subcontracting relationships with small businesses and, consequently, lack of incentives for large companies to develop these relations, the lack of detailed, yet understandable and consistent legal regulation of subcontracting relations, legal nihilism, the heads of many Russian companies (both small and large), the lack of an effective system Arbitration subcontracting relations, lack of attractiveness of small businesses as partners for large enterprises, the level of risk for managers of large enterprises in most cases exceeds the the possible benefits of cooperation with the MP, inarticulate leases are not conducive to effective long-term operation of small businesses, the MP must be ready at any time to look for new premises and to transfer their .

low level of technical – technological development does not allow the majority of Russian production of MP to successfully participate in the competition, the level of product quality, produced by small enterprises, in most cases does not allow them to strive to obtain long-term sub-contract, the cost of implementation and certification of quality management system in accordance with ISO 9000 is often ‘impossibly high’ for small businesses; otsutstvie financial system for subcontracting relationships (special guarantee funds, credit co-operatives) to provide the needs of small enterprises, the lack of specialized insurance risks arising in the process of subcontracting relationships with small businesses (insurance against risks of both large and small enterprises); restructuring of large enterprises is currently being implemented in most cases, chaotic and haphazard. Often the restructuring of the company shall not in order to improve efficiency of the enterprise, as well as a cover for the redistribution of property, a huge market of the state order, at all levels are still not sufficiently open to small businesses. It is still not developed normative – legal base for the participation of small businesses in state procurement in terms of subcontracting, the lack of development of market infrastructure subcontracting relationships; rapid growth of outsourcing, incipient in 2009, will slow as companies cut their spending on information technology, consolidate or even withdraw from certain markets, and find a skilled workforce for the permanent group of employees, companies will focus on reducing risks and cutting costs, hence, the profitability of outsourcing companies will decline. The key to success in the outsourcing market and new steps Apart from the obvious benefits of outsourcing in Russian industries, there are severe constraints on its development factors. Companies successfully using outsourcing, tend to overcome these factors and to protect implementation of its own obligations. Large manufacturers expect their suppliers to maximum openness. After all, in fact, outsourcing is possible in establishing strong partnerships. Social protection and environment will be new industries in which outsourcing companies will create products and solutions..