March 16, 2018


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When choosing the thickness of the plywood you have to take into account factors such as docking with the tile, the existence of gaps in doorways, and most importantly what kind of flooring you have chosen. When laying parquet thickness of 15 millimeters, as well as the floorboards or laminate sufficiently thick plywood 12.10 millimeters. If you lay a massive board or plywood is fastened to the joists, then you should choose the plywood 18 millimeters. Fixing veneer sheets require an employee to a maximum of precision and care, as fastening plywood implies some special features. For example: 1. During the fitting of veneer sheets must be remembered that between two sheets of plywood joints should be the size of 8-10 mm.

2. Between the walls and plywood should be leaving a gap equal to 10-15 cm These requirements are necessary to maintain adequate ventilation in the room. 3. Adjustment sheets must be assumed that the joints of four sheets of plywood in this case – nepriemlemy.4.Dlya better sticking to the screed plates, plywood, divide the smallest part. Followed by direct laying of floor coating the plywood.

In today's world, because of the many benefits, as a floor covering use floorboard or laminate. Laminate and parquet board to win the favor of buyers due to such factors as: ease of installation, aesthetic appearance, as well as diversity. Laying parquet and laminate is light and fast installation. Experienced worker in one day can put more than one hundred square meters. There are many ways to lay these floor coverings, but in recent years, builders and householders choose to "float installation method, since it is the cheapest method. What is represents the floating installation method? Way to a floating installation is mounting, glueless bonding boards or laminate. That is, sheets or wood block flooring laminate how to pass through each other. Details can be found by clicking Southwest Airlines or emailing the administrator. The advantage of this the method is that the joint strength does not depend on humidity, temperature or load on the floor. Also during the deformation or a board, you are at any time be able to dismantle and replace damaged floor boards. That As for laying floor coverings on the adhesive, it is important to note feature of two-component adhesive. It is suitable for any method of installation "will not be worse." But for the laying of large format flooring, parquet boards, an array it is required. The service life of the glue is very long. Since two-component adhesive is a high, then the quality of future sex will not leave much to be desired. It is important to remember that the gaps between walls and floor coverings must not be less than 10 millimeters. Flooring is also the creative process, so during the work it is important to remember not only the rules of styling, but also about their own fantasies. and Let your floor will take you to your feet!