March 17, 2019


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As well, the use of individual budgets is monitored by the financial controlling. This relatively isolated areas are well controlled each for this KPI. The Ministry receives these metrics for error processing to derive about necessary improvements thereof. More info: Larry Ellison. The financial figures for budget use in turn form the basis for the overall budget planning. Here, E Scott Mead expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The downstream authorities obtain the figures and evaluate them in terms of service quality for the own area. But when this approach threaten widespread misinterpretation: the KPIs for error processing, which are suitable for the individual process control, allow no real strategic assessment without further aggregation and related to other figures.

Rather more information would have to produced about individual IT services or other processes, to identify effective improvement potentials. Similarly, the financial information may used to budget using only limited to budget planning as long as other measures such as such as an expansion of the service portfolio will be disregarded. Also the customers themselves receive no clear assessment basis because they may only partially use the scope and services thus appear overpriced. “Everyone has a different view on the key figures” problematizes Fischer and outlines at the same time yet another dimension of the problem: many of the existing and meaningful to key figures in public administration have an isolated alignment, so that for an overarching strategic control not or only very limited usable. ” Therefore, it was necessary to bring the KPIs at any level in a performance measurement system in relationship to each other and to aggregate, to establish a usable end-to-control instrument. You will reach only acceptance and use, the isolated situation is resolved.” As a result, There must be a consistent Performance measurement system are developed and adjusted to make more effective use of the KPIs. The following benefits could be generated according to the ITSM Consulting AG thus: level IT service provider: he has for areas already a KPI based control, and thus a good starting point for building a performance measurement system.