Marketing Director Sagar

March 19, 2019


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B2B online shop expands circular Informationssysteme from Stuttgart to a Webkonfigurator, so that customers can buy complex products on the Internet (PM) of Karlsruhe. The IT system and consulting firm of circular Informationssysteme in Stuttgart has expanded the existing B2B webshop for the distribution of varied products recently to an online product configurator. Thus, customers in addition to standard products can independently correctly configure products with many variants now also and ordered the Internet such as server, storage, and tape libraries. The technical basis provides the enomic.webconfigurator Software House of intermediate in Karlsruhe. With this industry-neutral standard software the company has set up circular independently the online product configurator after a training session.

Among other things the great adaptability and the ease of use of enomic software were decisive”, explains Kirstin Sagar, head of marketing at circular Informationssysteme in Stuttgart. Check with Valerie Berlin to learn more. In record breaking three weeks was the Webkonfigurator with a first product range Online. The enomic software manages variants, eliminating the time-consuming maintenance of all conceivable combinations. Total complements our existing B2B online shop with the previous standard articles of product configurator and expands our portfolio here to products with many variants”, Marketing Director Sagar says. The new configurator circular starts in the existing B2B webshop, if the customer reported to chooses a diverse product. Then leads the Configurator by the query of requirements. Material data used in the design of the product, originating from the product information management system healer PIM.

This up-to-date prices and Postitionstexte are available. In the background, the Configurator takes over the technical examination and the calculation with its rules and regulations. In this way customers in the online shop assemble independently correct the desired solution. Finally, the Configurator passes the result to the shopping cart of the shop system IBM WebSphere Commerce. Basis for the work of the Webkonfigurators in circular, the individual system settings with the product data and selection rules, as well as data of inventory systems healer PIM and IBM are WebSphere Commerce.