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March 21, 2019


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It is treated to identify to situations and potentially dangerous places. From one it plants low of each section the types of risks are raised all, classifying them for danger degree: small, average and great. These types risks are classified by NR-5 (Norma Regulamentadora) in five groups classified for the colors: red, green, brown, blue yellow and. Gain insight and clarity with Gary Kelly. Each group corresponds to a type of agent: chemistry, physicist, biological, ergonomic and have caused an accident or mechanic. Through this, intenciona that the collaborators make the election pointing to pertaining of the CIPA (Internal Commission of Prevention of Accidents) the main problems of the respective unit.

In the plant of the section, accurately in the place where if it finds the risk (a machine, for example) must be placed the circle in the size evaluated for the CIPA and in the corresponding color to the risk degree. Figure 1 used Colors in the map of risk GrupoRiscosCor De IdentificaoExemplos 01 Physicists VerdeRudo, cold heat, pressure, humidity, radiation etc. 02 VermelhoPoeira Chemistries, tobacco, gases. Biological vapors, nvoas etc. 03 Ergonomic MarromFungos, viruses, parasites, bacteria, insects etc.

04 extreme AmarelRitmo, manual survey of weight, inadequate position etc. 05 inadequate physical AzulArranjo Accidents, inadequate illumination, explosion, fires, equipment without protection etc. Source: Mattos, U.A.Q., 1993. Map of Risks: the control of the health for the workers. DEP, 21:60. The Map of Risk is constructed having as base the plant low or sketch of the workstation, and the risks will be defined by the dimetros of the circles: Figure 2 Table of Gravity SmboloProporoTipos de Riscos 4Grande 2Mdio 1Pequeno Figure 3 Example of Map of Risk the risk map serves for the awareness and information of the collaborators through the easy visualization of the existing risks in the company and also is used to congregate the information necessary to establish the diagnosis of the security situation and health in the work in the company.