Joaquin Cheuqueman

July 8, 2020


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A bath of energy. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Facebook. A sizing agent for what is coming. A meeting between twinned communities. This and much more was what we experienced this weekend in the territory that is epicenter of the threat of multiple dams that are intended to build in the Aysen Region, to commemorate the world day of action against dams. Sunday, March 13 about 200 people arrived from different localities of the Aysen Region until El Manzano (35 kilometres north of Cochrane) to express their rejection of the Hidroaysen project, which seeks to inundate some six thousand hectares of Patagonian lands and install thousands of towers of high voltage between Aysen and Santiago to meet the energy demand of the future great mining. This is a place of historic transit of the inhabitants of the area to be located in the gateway of the same would also disappear under the waters of materialize reservoir Baker 1 projected by Endesa and Colbun. The Saturday 12 participants already had gathered from 15: 00 hours in Cochrane square, town of about 3 thousand inhabitants, to listen to various regional artists who have joined the cause; the local singer Nicasio Moon besides Android Mc and Cony, Mansilla Hugo, Richard Sepulveda, R-lirica, Gabriel Marquez, duck strategist and MC Apacho, among other artists, in addition to the poetry of Joaquin Cheuqueman.

And the children had enjoyed with recreational activities and adults with information about all threats. Because in this region they are not only concerned by HidroAysen and its five dams on the Baker and Pascua rivers, but also by power Austral and the Cuervo River reservoir, besides white and Condor that society controlled by the mining company Xstrata soon expected joining evaluation. The Chairman of the grouping of defenders of the spirit of the Patagonia of Cochrane, Carlos Garrido, alluded in the place the symbolism of activity, which reminds all those affected in the world by large dams.