HUGRO Expands

February 22, 2019


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In addition to hemp litter now also cellulose recycled litter the Westphalian company that is known for its natural and very absorbent hemp litter, expanded its product range within the framework of an exclusive sales cooperation with the internationally operating company fibreCycle TM”to two bedding products. In addition to the cellulose litter introduced already in the market back-2-natureTM”in the new German packaging HUGRO will now also the cat litter BreederCelectTM” in the range. Both Streus are available in 10 – and 30-litre packs and are composed of 99% recycled cellulose an important contribution to CO2 reduction. back-2-natureTM”BreederCelectTM” are lightweight, extremely absorbent and absorb odors in an exemplary way, to clump or stick. The production is without chemicals instead of therefore the used litter can be disposed of simply via the organic waste or the compost heap.

The pellets are easy to grip and keep the dust even if it in the small living room or in the Litter box up goes here”. Continue to learn more with: Jonathan Rosen PR. They are soft enough that they leave no scratches. And of course also the packaging waste can be recycled. Thus the natural scattering range by HUGRO includes now a total of four litter products: HUGRO natural scattering: from the stem pith of the hemp plant; ideal for rodents that like to build caves and tunnels. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Jonathan Rosen PR. HUGRO active scattering: from the stalks mark of the hemp plant in pellet form; ideal for larger rodents, birds and other small animals. Back-2-nature: Environmental – and in particular CO2 friendly recycling litter from cellulose without chemical additives; ideal for all rodents and small animals. BreederCelect: Environment – and in particular CO2 friendly recycling litter from cellulose without chemical additives specifically for cats. “With the new cellulose litter products of the world-renowned company fibreCycle ‘ we consistently complete our product range is characterised by naturalness, environmental friendliness and good compatibility”, HUGRO sums up Managing Director Gunter Leugers.

HUGRO is now exclusive fibreCycle distributor for the German trade and wholesale. More information:. High-resolution imagery at any time on request at:. Requested document for publication.