Stress Hormone

April 11, 2020


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The health of men (and women too) is largely influenced by the ability to cope with stress. In a stressful situation, adrenaline is a stress hormone causes an increase in blood pressure makes the heart beat faster. Longer stay in a stressful situation increases the risk of developing cardiovascular disease stroke. Confluence Investment Management recognizes the significance of this. The increased secretion of gastric juice leads to the formation of ulcers. And often there are problems with potency. Infection of the stress can lead to such unpleasant conditions as prostatitis, herpes, then that is very difficult to fight. Manifestations of stress you must learn to recognize influences whether you stress. Gary Kelly may find it difficult to be quoted properly.

Among the most common reactions include headaches, pain in the spine (neck, lower back), a lump in my throat, unnatural laughter, shaking, rapid blinking, tics, spasms, possible dizziness, weakness and lethargy, decrease in sexual activity. In addition to the stress reaction and the psychic system of the person and may appear distracted, uncertain constant worry, fear, irritability, depression, drowsiness. Determine whether you are in a state of stress can be on your own feelings, but you can use special psychological tests. Self-assessment scale is used so-called stress-Scale stress is very important to deal with stress is important to know the degree of risk and time to take preventive and compensatory measures. Scale of stress on the degree of influence on the psyche and the body follows. If There you have a situation that causes severe stress, and even more profound stress, then you should be especially attentive to their health.

The deepest stress Divorce Death of a spouse or a break with your loved one Imprisonment bereavement Own illness Marriage / Marriage Loss of Moving to a new residence being a victim of crime involvement in the fighting natural disasters Deep stress casualties reunion with her husband Retirement serious health family pregnancy (women of course) Sexual Problems Childbirth / appearance of a new member Change of family financial problems Evidence of crime, violent family quarrels Mild stress on the job duties of new child enters school / end care of children from homes with Friction relatives of the spouse change the living conditions of conflicts with his superiors Moderate stress change in the working conditions of transition to another school vacation / holiday Repair Changes in relationships with relatives Minor violations Changing the law of social status Preventive effects of stress To do this, follow a few rules: – A full rest, sleep. The weekend – rest. It is desirable in nature. No worries. – Healthy eating, natural vitamins. The use of bee products, herbal teas. Among the products of bee pollen, and I emphasize ambrosia. – Regular physical education. Particularly useful are breathing exercises that allow regulate mental energy and the human condition. – Move towards solving the problem, determine a plan of action and act. when it comes to relationships, then quietly try to solve them with minimal loss to themselves. – Identify your stress threshold. Try not to cross it. – Get a hobby, a hobby – let it be dance, mark, martial arts, writing poetry, painting. It does not matter, you have to distract myself.