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February 27, 2019


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Which is common to all participating companies Success. Because even the mid-sized company has benefited, to exploit the potential of the brand. With psv marketing we have found a partner, which awakens a new understanding of the client’s needs and creates as the differentiation from the competition”, says Gerd Noker, Managing Director of trans fluid. The case has attracted interest even before the INDUKOM Forum. It was an impressive subject of a trade post with brand knowledge is incorporated into the new reference work the B2B brand management of Gabler Verlag left psv marketing experts. Together with Gerd Noker, the Markenoptimierer present their success story. We have worked out a sharp profile together with transfluid and the brand everyone in this company now lives with passion.

For a brand to grow out from the inside”, explains Hall. This new understanding of the self has caused a measurable success in TRANS fluid. In the new communication is deliberately on the representation of machines. The result is available in the Center point. PSV marketing from it derived the new brand promise: the solution for pipes.

It was continuously transferred to all areas of print, online, and mass communication. The t was confident trade mark”introduced and the machines are produced in bright red of color of the House. Thus the company uniquely apart from the crowd of the competition. transfluid has understood what is the brand and recognized her potential. Our strategy was implemented, uncompromising and unconditionally in the company”Frank Hall expressed enthusiastically about the partnership with the medium-sized companies. The success story of transfluid is on the INDUKOM Forum wondering because she impressively represents what can cause a brand. If all of a company’s employees understand the brand, they are highly motivated. Together, the uniform brand after outside transported, and represents the customer. It establishes absolute uniqueness and success in the competition”Marco Petracca, supplemented Director of brand consulting psv marketing. The success example of psv marketing should provide food for thought in the B2B Marketing Forum at the INDUKOM. Because the potential of the brand can be successfully exploited in all areas. It is about emotions and gut feeling. It is no matter whether it is a purple cow, three stripes or a t. Ultimately decides the brand, because with her confidence is growing, and this is of inestimable value”it brings Frank Hall finally on the point.