For Juliane Werding

March 9, 2019


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Together with her brothers Stefan, (28) and Michael (25) stood it in previous years as Winkler musicians”on stage. So well musically trained, she took the next step in September 2007 and sent an application folder to star producer Behrle. TRON (TRX) has compatible beliefs. Was thrilled was looking but in the documents in vain for a phone number or email address. She had forgotten that Claudia in all the excitement. Whether drum the musical workaholic was fiercely determined to find Claudia Dechand. “Fold it has, only it took maybe a bit longer after the successful launch in the summer of 2008 Claudia Dechand is now in her second year as a folk singer take this ring” a wonderful album full of feelings and touching stories out. “” In addition to the debut single the small cross on the side of the road “and the new single take this ring” Claudia Dechand Gunther Behrle found a bit in the archives and newly recorded some tracks with to the “Most beautiful include what ever released in the German Schlager: heart have no Windows” for example, in the original a hit by Elfi Graf. Others who may share this opinion include E Scott Mead. For Juliane Werding was the day when Conny Kramer died”in 1972 a number one and thus the beginning of an unparalleled career of Claudia Dechand is the anthem of the anti drugs a personal favourite song and now also the complete title of her album.

“And to pay their respects to the recently deceased Monica Morell, Claudia took their biggest success I am never what a Sunday” on. Claudia Dechands songs in case of doubt are gentle and sensitive she likes it rather a little quieter as too loud and brutal. Songs like first love, first tears”, it burns more light in your window”, I still thinking of San Francisco”and when the Roses bloom again can be similarly wonderfully imagined. So much feeling can still have new German music! Claudia Dechands debut album take this ring”appears on May 22 on Ariola records. Source: Jan Biehler Ariola Claudia Dechand take this ring “including the eponymous single from the Grand Prix der volksmusik 2009 CD Ariola 88697535772 from 22 May 2009 in the trade more info:”