Exagon Survey Requirements Management

August 11, 2019


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Many companies instead of using ITIL, have developed individual processes Kerpen for the request management, 14.03.2007 – if departments passed technical requirements to the IT Department, they can be by no means certain that they initiate a smooth process so. Because the order management works according to a survey of management consulting Exagon comparatively rarely in the desired way. The causes are mainly that is a high error rate, which does not sufficiently automated to run processes and unclear responsibilities. The survey of almost 300 medium-sized and large enterprises according to only one-fifth of the companies referred to her own order management as good or very good. Another quarter rated it at least as satisfactory, but more than half sees a clear need for improvement. \”So judging by 21 per cent, that the processes within the IT service management in the implementation of the requirements in terms of only\” are. 35% of respondents take an even harsher judgment by them their order management as refer to very unsatisfactory\”.

From this point of view considered, it is little wonder, then, that so many IT projects are only moderately successful\”Exagon – Managing Director Joachim Fremmer assesses the results. Main problems than two-thirds of the surveyed managers call, that there is a low automation in the processing of service orders. The lack of clearly regulated responsibilities is one of many typical causes for similar. Three out of five also see that the transparency of the process is flawed, and they are integrated with other IT service management not to the necessary extent. The quality control in the eyes also has significant deficits of more than every second IT chief. This however only the visible symptoms and less are the root causes\”, judge Fremmer. The real problem was diagnosed as resulting from a defective request management. The defined processes often correspond to the claims of service level management, because they are account-oriented and thus more of a commercial orientation have.\” How requirements the Department would transfer to an account manager although IT, this but have not the function, to control the other processes or to ensure that the necessary resources are available.