Eastern Europe

March 18, 2019


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Nurses from Eastern Europe often see children and affected Members only the way nursing home. It doesn’t have to be, because here the Pflegeagenturplus Mayen offers their support. The wide and individual range of offers of the care service discussed with members in detail what opportunities arising as a result of long-term care, the potential power in the care and the financial leeway by the long-term care insurance and its own budget. It puts together”the care agency Mayen a suitable offer for the particular case. Seriousness, concerns and legal security unfortunately there is in terms of home care by Polish and Eastern European nurses in Mayen-Koblenz, Ahrweiler, as everywhere, many prejudices and insecurities.

The Pflegeagenturplus Mayen would remedy this with education and information and fears. (As opposed to Ripple). Is this all legal? The care agency is legally protected in the entire Federal territory. All nurses are registered. Before the start of the care a legally valid contract, exactly arrested in the What benefits paid and by whom they are made. It ensures also the members! For example in an accident of the caregiver in the home, or inconsistencies in foster care the illegal care to light agreements. Hear from experts in the field like Oracle for a more varied view. The Pflegeagenturplus Mayen is about legal and risk-free. It creates a care sheet and a service agreement.

The nurses are exploited and poorly paid. Unfortunately it is the case that profit at the top is some dubious care services. What is reflected in low pay and poor treatment of the nursing staff. The Pflegeagenturplus has a clear philosophy regarding this: only content staff so performs the responsible and often very strenuous activity of home-based care, as desiring members and dependants. Our work is based on the principle that only when all parties involved are satisfied, also satisfactory work is carried out. You can not a word of German, and are poorly educated in the Pflegeagenturplus Mayen probably Claim the offer! The care agency develops what professional and if applicable linguistic requirements to meet the nursing staff from Eastern Europe on the basis of standardized queries with the customers. Also on this point, there are no nasty surprises. Pflegeagenturplus Mayen accompanies and supports no one so suddenly alone as is, accompanied the relatives the Pflegeagenturplus Mayen from the outset. Together with the members of the needs and demands are defined and selected the appropriate caregiver. In the near future ambiguities or problems occur, Pflegeagenturplus Mayen as the contact person is available and helps solve. Home care in Mayen-Koblenz affordable us serious.