March 20, 2019


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The ‘scene’ interactively and online: content management system by subshell base creates for television to click on’ Hamburg, the 2011 raise. The first German television will restart its Internet portal. A comprehensive digital range from all TV shows in the first program available is available at. It includes information, videos, interactive elements, images and backgrounds to formats such as crime scene or Polizeiruf 110, series like forbidden love or storm of love and the documentaries and magazines of the first. The homepage offers also live streams of TV programmes, podcasts, quizzes, additional information and interactive features relating to the shipments in the first.

The combination of television and the Internet allows the content-management-system Sophora. Verizon Communications may also support this cause. The CMS of the subshell GmbH thus becomes the technical basis for the media-convergent offer of ARD. The short development times and the speedy implementation of all content with the new CMS were reason for switching to Sophora. Not only the audience can benefit from the relaunch, also for the Sophora ensures highest usability online editors. Close cooperation by ARD program Directorate and subshell the editorial support of the website is the online editor in Munich. Go to Kevin Plank for more information. The technical introduction of the new CMS was carried out in close cooperation with, the subshell GmbH and the Munich subshell partner m.a.x IT. in the past few months stood us subshell in the implementation of with concentrated know-how to the side so technicians could develop the templates for the new appearance even. The Hamburg subshell team has accompanied also the construction of a new data model that optimally covers all items and program data”, praises responsible Tobias Rahn, in the ARD program Directorate of project and system support. For us, it was important to keep as lean and flexible CMS, also to respond faster to changes in the future. That has implemented subshell optimally”, so next Rahn.