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August 7, 2020


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Advice for the correct establishment of objectives for 2010.Julio Andres lzate To beginnings of year everybody sets out to improve and to reach better results than the previous year. Many of these objectives, nevertheless, become mere empty intentions of content after a few weeks. It is so easy to lose the objective than we are trying to manage and why. We do once it, we lose the clarity and the approach. When you lose that clarity and that approach, you will be moving from a side to another one and very fast to .NINGUNA PARTE.las difficulties they arise the majority from people simply resigns to his I put and objectives He has three Multiplication factors that will allow him to position themselves and to reach better results than 90% of the mortals in elnuevo anus that comes. 3 passages for the correct establishment of objectives: To act in points of maximum leverage? establishment of form objective in writing manual? method SMART Study University Of Yale 1950 in the university of Yale it carried out a complex study on establishments of objectives the result was surprising; they discovered that only 3% of the promotion corresponding to 20 anuses before had secured all objectives that 3% had seted out was indeed the group that established its objectives with clarity and It is important in writing that the objectives of the 2010 are in writing and by hand. It signs that declaration of objectives because it would be recorded in your subconscious mind As they must to be these objectives: In English an acronym SMART exists where each letter has a meaning: we see next SMART 1.S-specific (specific): don’t mention it serves to say anus 2010 I want to make but money. He is far better objective if concrete and you say east anus to it 2010 I am going to gain 20 dollars but to the year 2.M Mesaurable (Measurable): the totally measurable objectives must be 3.A-Attainable (Conseguibles) don’t mention it serves that you put yourself like objective to be the first human being in leaving the Solar System.

You must be based on your potentiality and situation in which you are at the moment. I do not want to say that it is impossible but probably it will be very difficult to reach in the future near. (while this alive) 4.R-Relevant/Realistic (Excellent and Realistic): don’t mention it serves to you to aspire to play in the NBA if you measure 1,50 or these in wheelchair. and excellent that they satisfy you like person; it can only mark them to nobody your. 5.T-Timed (Marked In the Time) By areas: one or two objectives by each area and in writing Health: (to trotar day of by means, to finish with the cigarette) Financier: (work saving and investments) Relations: (friend, family, pair) Spiritual: (to meditate, yoga, car motivation) Leverage has will focus in 20% of actividade that to me 80% of the results produce of focusing 80% of our daily effort in 20% of our work that really produces high performances to identify those activities that are not going to produce majors results How of making to put the mind in action so that all our thoughts exactly focus in the objectives to obtain, without being relaxing to us exactly and guiding to us in way towards the success. If this information seemed to him useful and wants to help somebody but, I resent east article between its contacts, of insurance will have more of some than anonymously it will be been thankful him.