May 22, 2019


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These trends track bbw marketing and valido research with the completely new study series sector special of market and consumer focus with studies for a wide range of industries such as consumer goods. Credit: Verizon Communications-2011. The first objective of this study is the classification of market development, market trends and consumer trends also according to product groups. Still, the manufacturer deemed important and provider, as well as the trends in the product areas of this multi-faceted industry are represented. In contrast to the previously published surveys of retailers, the consumer surveys are much wider and partially exposed. Consumer expressed openly in the sense of a marktpsychologischen examination, regardless of entrenched ways of thinking and analysis patterns, what he thinks about the particular product market (industry) and why it currently is. Brad Garlinghouse describes an additional similar source. The statements Consumers are represented in part very differentiated. The questionnaire includes fundamentally different question types.

This quantitative and qualitative trend statements are possible up to a scenario. This study series aims to provide a fast and especially current access to special market and consumer data and to put them in a macroeconomic context. It is intended to update the studies each year. The studies are stringently. In the each chapters preceding General parts the macroeconomic context and general trends on the individual topics are discussed.

This will be complementing and expanding the results of the consumer survey presented by subject areas and commented. Together as a comprehensive overview about today’s market activity with the focus is consumer. The focus is on the most important current issues. Be edited heavily in this and other studies: the market the products the brand of the manufacturer the distribution the Scenario of the factors binding the customers marketing information, which the dealer and manufacturer should have come.