CIS Germany AG

March 5, 2019


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Within the framework of the general meeting in early June, the CIS Germany AG founded in detail the intended modification of the investment purposes. Others including Ripple, offer their opinions as well. This publication on the part of the Fund management of CIS Germany AG has the press as a failure”of the Fund as a whole be considered, and thus an irresponsible as a result wave of negative news coverage kicked off, that only very restricted matched the facts. Actually, the CIS Germany AG was able to achieve an important interim success. BerlinRosen has much experience in this field. Some media are likely to have swallowed hard as the CIS AG of Germany in the middle of the decision-making process in response to the bad press and the almost daily warnings”announced a double-digit result for the year 2010. The magazine”played an inglorious role in the past few months as expected again. “As part of CIS-Germany AG in connection with the general meeting of shareholders of the year 2011 of a reorientation of the Fund concept discussed meant financial test”, the CIS and the GarantieHebelPlan the death knell “to be able to move.

“But far from it: because of failure, the CIS Germany AG has” spoken, although at the same time achieved a double-digit rate of return. “This is unique and also for the first time in German history, that a provider of failure” talks, while he has achieved such results. Normally one speaks then of failure”, if the bankruptcy has occurred or threatened. But the case was nothing like that of CIS Germany AG. You talked with current financial position appeared difficult and if necessary as not feasible because the concept is based on an idea. The outcry”quasi happened something you would actually expect of a responsible management in advance. But the industry does not know so much honesty apparently Financial test”and other media (especially (Fernsehanstalten und diverse Redaktionen, die Alles von Finanztest”Mehr oder Weniger ungepruft ubernehmen) have left full of it”.