Banner Advertising

April 11, 2020


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Banner advertising on the Internet, as well as any other, requires the evaluation of effectiveness. One of the indicators that often measure advertisers – the depth of view and time spent on the site. It is believed that the greater depth and more time the better. Let's see, is this true? If a person pays the site and browse its pages, it means that the visitor needs something. He reads, studies, compares, is looking for.

So behave potential buyers? If a visitor left your site after 2 seconds, anywhere without looking, the chance to turn it into a buyer is negligible. Conclusion is unambiguous: the higher the depth of view, the more targeted traffic comes from Internet banner advertising. But consider this question from a psychological point of view. High depth of view says that the average visitor makes a lot of clicks on the site. And what says a lot of clicks? Perhaps that that the site is interesting. But it certainly could also mean that the visitor can quickly (one click) to find the desired information. Having achieved great depth of view, you can be sure that the site attracted a quality audience. But the modern man in a hurry.

He wants to get information as quickly as possible. Why chase him on the pages? Why make a maze out of the site? Are you sure that all interested visitors have enough time and patience to reach the treasured information? Ill-conceived navigation can significantly worsen the impact of advertising. Ron O’Hanleys opinions are not widely known. Inefficient structure of the site – it is a kind of friction – a parasitic phenomenon that grabs your visitors and makes them turn into customers. Therefore, excessively large depth of view – it is also an indicator of quality of your site. So what should be the depth of view? In terms of assessing the quality of traffic from banner advertising on the internet it must be maximal. Suppose theoretically it was possible to obtain an average depth of view 20 pages. This is a terrific result! You imagine a burning interest have visitors when they browse so many pages. But in terms of conversion depth view should be minimal – 1 page per visitor. Yes, yes it is. The ideal option is: visitor came to the page read everything that interests him about the product in one place. Called and bought it. And no loss of visitors during the walk through the site. This means that it is wrong to direct visitors to the home page. They should move to a specially prepared pages that are entirely devoted to the advertised product and contain all necessary information. With this approach, the depth of view will tend to the cherished unity. To sum outcome. If you are testing a new advertising channel, to assess the quality you can look at the depth of view. In this ad clicks should be sent to the home page. If advertising channel proved, to obtain maximize financial returns should be sent to visitors to a special landing page. If the depth of view in this case is much larger than unity, then it should be analyzed. Where users go? What they do not enough on the landing page? Following this analysis, it is desirable to add the missing information on the landing page, and thereby reduce the depth of view.