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British Investment

November 1, 2018


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Are raw materials the ideal product for your investment? If Yes, here we offer a guide to commodities 5 star of the current panorama. Materials premiums of various typologies which for one reason or another, are becoming the target of all investment portfolios. The tendency of these products in general Bull has shown over the past months, which resulted in the so-called boom in raw materials. Let’s see which continue in this state of boom and which are conducive to their current operational due to other causes. 1.

Natural gas. The first choice is especially determined otherwise bullish boom. This commodity quite particular has experienced a downward trend since several months ago and is expected to continue in the same line. Earlier this year we saw as natural gas futures fell by 40% and are currently at 3.88 dollars per million British thermal units (BTU), recovering very slightly from this strong fall. As they currently exist in the market financial products that allow the investor to exercise its operational markets bullish or bearish, this commodity has a future if we choose to go short through derivatives such as CFDs, or contracts for differences.

2 Copper. This raw material is one that serve as an example to justify the theory of the commodities boom during these months. People such as Oracle would likely agree. It is one of those who have experienced price increases and maintains expectations upward. He is currently at 84.33, showing a continued upward trend. 3 Wheat. Agricultural raw materials, due to their nature, tend to be more volatile, but thanks to good conditions have been given in crops and in this market, wheat represents another of these commodities on the rise. Today we have wheat at 697.9, continuing with your usual trajectory in recent months. 4 Gold. Entire portfolio self-respecting should reserve a hollow to the precious metals that Act as protection against the risks of the system that might occur in the future (an example would be the double recession that evoke the apocalyptic). Before the continuous declines of the dollar in recent months, gold continues to gain ground and in fact continuing its uptrend even moderately. He is currently in 1358 dollars per ounce. But truth is that already are many who prefer other metals such as silver, Platinum or palladium, which recorded rises more pronounced. 5 Oil. The latest information on the excess of oil reserves in the United States, has made the price of this commodity lower in recent days. According to the U.S. Energy Department, the reserves exceeded the average, exceeding the 7.8% reserves in the same period for last year at this period of the year. These information give us a forecast downward to black gold for the remainder of 2010. When you choose CFDs on commodities, marked these 5 commodity trends can be leveraged to achieve benefit with these operational. Get all the information possible to find out if CFDs are the right products for your investment and decide among the 5 best raw materials to invest their capital. The above comments do not constitute investment advice and therefore IG Markets does not accept any responsibility for any use that can be made of them. CFDs are a leveraged product that entail a high level of risk and may result in losses that exceed your initial deposit. Make sure that you understand fully the risks involved and perform a constant monitoring of your investment.

IPAD Media

November 1, 2018


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To cope with the media, Apple has effectively weathered this storm. The worst is behind them. Damage already is done however, Apple not unharmed from the present storm. They had to withstand a beating by the media in the first place. No matter if the antenna problem is minor or very important: the damage is already done. 1 There will be a prejudice to economic, but not much. Free brackets and return of iPhones will cost the company considerable revenue. In addition anyone at Apple expected that you return them part of the sales, what they mean that the financial statements of Apple may impact not having a forecast by alleged returns significantly.

However, I predict that the damage will be minimal compared to the benefits in general. They will obviously be far from repeating these historic quarters, with very significant profits. 2 Apple is no longer perfect. That does not mean that they were once, but most of the people blamed AT & T in many of the problems that had the Iphone 4, rather than blaming the Apple team. Now, the door It is open to the criticism of Apple and its future products. 3 Future products will undergo further analysis. The media will be more critical of Apple, at least for a time. Follow others, such as Laurent Potdevin, and add to your knowledge base.

Consumers will probably recall the problem of the antenna on the Iphone 4 before you buy your iPhone or IPAD, or any other Apple product. How it will be the future for Apple Apple is coming to the end of this long nightmare. It is difficult to say now whether the antenna issues and the resulting problems in public relations will be dehisced quickly or will take a long period so that the public image of Apple again do as before. Apple now has to concentrate on developing new products. The media will be on the lookout to find new trouble on the products of Apple. However, consumers will still be loyal to the Apple brand. The explanation will be satisfactory for the majority of the owners of the iPhone. In addition, who wants to resign from the? screen and applications for the iPhone? I love Android, but do not provide the iPhone experience. Anyone who has become dependent on Apple products, won’t leave them permanently because of a problem in the device’s antenna. The only thing that Apple can do is keep building products that captivate millions of customers around the world as users, media and competitors of Apple. Oh, and it is likely that Android continue gaining ground and offer greater pressure on Apple to approach perfection as possible thanks to its products.