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Vasilevsky Islands

May 25, 2012


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May 27, 2011 – Special to the day of the celebration of St. Petersburg, online service for booking hotels north of the capital installed webcam panoramic view high-resolution, and Paul Fortress. It is in fact place where it was founded St Petersburg. From now on, everyone on the planet can enjoy the magnificent views of St. Petersburg. Swivel webcam installed in a historical place, transmits an image of high quality of basic Russian religious places in Venice: the Neva River, the Trinity Bridge, Palace Embankment, the Winter Palace (Hermitage), the Palace Bridge, Vasilievsky Island, the Stock Exchange, the Rostral Columns and the structure Peter and Paul Fortress.

Peter and Paul Fortress – the first building of St. Petersburg, planted May 27, 1703. It was with him began the great and beautiful history of the city on the Neva. At the mouth of the Neva River on Hare Island, Peter I gave the city name, devoted to his patron in heaven – the Holy Apostle Peter. According to legend the day after the liturgy, the king came with a spade in hand to lay the city, and when he took hold of it, came down from the height of the eagle and started circling the islands.

Step aside, Peter I cut down the two slender birches and connecting them to the top, put in a pit dug workers. The two birch trees have been denoted by future gate of the fortress. The eagle, which is circled in the sky down and sat on the "gate", after which he tied up his legs, the king put him on the shoulder, delighted a happy omen. After 308 years, every Russian person can experience the same feelings that felt Peter, looking the beauty of the palaces and promenades and parks. In addition, the portal more than a year you can look at the sights of St. Petersburg in LIVE mode – this is a panorama of Nevsky Prospect, Palace Bridge and the Spit of Vasilevsky Islands, Kazan and St. Isaac's Cathedral and other great structures and embankments, as well as records of major events in the city of Petra. About Company located in St. Petersburg and offers free hotel reservation in the northern capital of Russia. On the Web site future guests can explore the different proposals for hotel accommodation and mini-hotels, book your favorite accommodation online or phone, and more recently to look at the city itself, through a network of Web cameras, to see St. Petersburg in real time.

European Protection

May 16, 2012


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Ex code indicates that the equipment has labeled protections against the explosion and then the next symbol shows the type of protection, which is achieved by means of explosion protection. According to the European classification adopted also in the Russian Federation, there are The following types of protection: d – flameproof enclosure e – Increased safety ia, ib, ic – intrinsically safe (IBTS); h – sealed insulation m – partitioning into capsules with the isolation of an explosive atmosphere o – oil filling p – method of high pressure q – powder filling s – special protection, for example, consider the type of protection Ex industrial telephone Ex ResistTel. His markings – 2Exem ib IICT5. Explosion phone have such protections as' intrinsically safe ',' increased safety 'and' partition on the capsule with the isolation of an explosive atmosphere. " The marking appropriated for communications equipment based on Certification provides information on the conditions in which the equipment will be explosion proof.

This information is contained in the code following the type of protection. The first code is a pointer category of gases and vapors, and the second shows the physical parameters determined for each gas or vapor mixtures – ignition temperature. Gas or steam mixture are classified as follows: Group I – Gas and steam mixture in mines (underground work), Group II – gas and steam mixture to all other objects and types of work group II, in turn, divided into subgroups – IIA, IIB and IIC Subgroups vary the degree of explosion, characterized by the following physical parameters – 'maximum clearance between the flanges of the shell, through which there is no transmission of the explosion from the inside of the shell to the external environment' – short BEMZ, and 'minimum current ignition mixture with respect to the current auto-ignition of methane ', for short – MTV. Explosive gas atmosphere is growing from the top down, so the equipment, found fit for use in class IIC, can be used and in the subgroups IIB and IIA. Often such equipment is marked with only the group number II.

From this classification it follows that, for example, explosion-proof telephone Ex ResistTel labeling of which contains a cipher II, may be used in all industries and jobs, except for mines or other underground works, in all gaseous environments, the respective temperature class T5. Total classification of gas ignition temperature according to Russian State Standards includes six items from T1 to T6 inclusive. Numeral before the symbol Ex labeling indicates the level of protection. There are three: Level 2 – "equipment with superior explosion" – Explosion-proof electrical equipment in MDM provides protection during normal operation, Level 1 – "Explosion-proof equipment" – explosion-proof electrical equipment in which protection is provided as a

Tips for Resumes

May 2, 2012


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So the purpose of this article show you how to get a response on your resume anytime and anywhere. I must say – this method is difficult to apply for mass mailing your resume to a dozen other companies, because it requires some time to prepare. But it is not necessary. This method is ideal for spot treatment just at the company where you really want to work. I think you and the other is not necessary – you're not going to work in several companies at once. By the response I understand you invited for an interview. What to do next – it is a separate issue.

At present you as the applicant, interested only in one – an invitation for an interview because without this there will be further consideration of your candidacy. As they say, without a first step, can not the second. This is exactly the case. So. Step number 1. We find the position of the company where you would just like to work and function, that corresponds to your experience. The only requirement – your experience should match the job.

Therefore, to adequately evaluate its position in the labor market. Step number 2 We find out a contact person in most of the ads Jobs indicated the contact person, website or phone. If contact is not in itself a vacancy, please visit the website or call and check – in whose name you can send your resume. Also, ask a few questions on the most Jobs – particularly zealous do not have to, as long as you remember.