Your # 1 Ally To Promote Lucid, Clear-looking, Supple Skin

December 23, 2023


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In particular, longevity and looking and feeling younger, healthier and stronger and thinner, we really need to consume eight ounces of plain, fresh water, preferably distilled every 14 to 20 pounds of body weight you now leads. If you are very active or under stress or eat poorly or you're exposed to toxins during the day, what will probably want to be closer to eight ounces for every 14 pounds of body weight. But if you live a very healthy lifestyle, drinking vegetable juices regularly, if you eat fresh, organic raw vegetables two or three times a day and avoid pesticides and preservatives as much as you can, then feel free to take as only eight ounces for every 20 pounds of body weight. The easiest way to get water in which I have found that we meet our customers in the research center, is simply to have a jar for you at all times. A gallon jug of water or a half gallon jug of water is best. Keep your desk during the day. Take it with you in the car. Keep next to your bed at night so that when you wake up in the morning, immediately begin drinking.

If you drink water all day, be amazed at the amount of water too long to arrive at the end of the day. Water is your body's number one ally to promote lucid, clear-looking, supple skin. Each of these techniques that we are covering in this excerpt from the teleseminar call, creates a different effect on the skin or in the fight against aging. .