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October 17, 2023


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Article directories are a logical evolution of the Web 2.0 article directories are a logical evolution of the Web 2.0, they offer any Internet user to publish their own texts and to make available to the WWW. An article directory, often simply short AVZ, there in various areas. Here, I will however the connection with search engine optimization (short SEO, to german: search engine optimization) explain. Search engine optimization is used websites in search engines further forward, i.e.: to come to better places in the search results. It is a part of area of online marketing and is ultimately also primarily obtaining visitors for your own project, or your own website. An article directory can be in quite handy. You get free theme-relevant backlinks.

Also, most keywords will be linked. This can improve the ranking of one’s own side. Related back links or back links (to german: back reference) are links that left other pages on a particular site. The total number of Backlinks is used on a project with many search engines as an indication for the quality of the page. In the simplest case the number of links will simply lead that on a Web site counted and derived thereof on the link popularity. A related site: bitcoiin mentions similar findings. Most major search engines use much more complex algorithms for their Suchergebnissseiten.

You submitted a text which must contain mostly 200 or more words, and this is then published to the directory. The text should however unique, extra for this directory written, to achieve better search engine results. Ultimately, both sides will benefit from this directory. The operators of the article directory gets unique content and the user of such directories gets one or more related backlinks to his own project. Unfortunately, there are also points of criticism, AVZ’s are exposed. The visitors of such directory can not only benefit, because very many of these sites are very unkempt. Fortunately, there are other directories, the quite are informative and can supply also the visitor information, facts or news. In the English-speaking such and similar directories were already much earlier, than here with us. In the meantime, there are a number of such directories but also with us. H.