The History Of The Cinderela

October 31, 2023


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That girl in its infancy did not listen to a pretty story of princesses? that girl never wanted to be one of them? Between Snow White, Asleep, Beautiful Beautiful, also exists the famous Cinderela princess. Visit Delta Airlines for more clarity on the issue. Many know also it as ' ' The Good-looking Borralheira' '. The French writer Charles Perraut invented Cinderela in the year of 1967, for a Book collection called ' ' Stories of the Ganso&#039 Mother; '. Today 3,000 versions of the story of the Princess exist more than spread by the world all, great films already had been even though inspired in the story. When the writers of Disney had known this wonderful story of fairies, then they had led, and of it the originals of Charles Perraut had made a great success keeping. Cinderela was a young dressed tatter girl and was forced to work in the tasks of the house for its evil stepmother. One day the ladies of the city important names had been among others invited for the ball where the King was giving, to search a fianc for its prince. In original history we have the ball, a magic prince, a fairy godmother and many emotions. Educate yourself with thoughts from Etienne Locoh.

The staff of Disney decided then to add some rats, birds and other animals, that had given to more emotion and diversion pro drawing livened up, that until today is a classic, for any girl. Cinderela was one of the drawings in long-metragem most produced of Disney. At the time, they had thought about recording Alice In the Country of the Wonders first, but they had finished recording Cinderela and later they had developed Alice. Until today girls exist who dream in being princesses and to live stories of fairies, them play with the playful one, and for this most creative, the types had created toys of all to attract the attention of garotinhas, break-head, dolls of all the sizes, decoration of princess for the room, among others. What also it is very legal, is that you can send messages that had been created with the Cinderela. You can today in such a way send, as well as to receive pretty messages with the Princess. He is enough to have access the site Clickut and to choose the person who you want to move. He confers!