January 2, 2024


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The new album by Nicole – Radiomania from 14th October 2011 in the trade of Nicole’s latest hit collection, tellingly entitled “RADIOMANIA”, is your personal thank you to all radio stations, editors, DJs and fans. The subtitle then also immediately clearly clarifies what contains the current CD: “all radio hits from 2005”. The radio as a central body of music has even before decades of the Queen musical diversity named Nicole and since no longer allowed from the throne. The expectations of Nicole was always high and its fun to experiment was always appreciated by the media, as well as by the public. “RADIOMANIA all radio hits from 2005” will be released on October 14.

Nicole’s highly satisfactory radio acceptance can be shown not only with big words, but also with figures to speak: all the songs on “RADIOMANIA” made it into the top 3 of the German airplay charts. six of them even on place 1: “Go with me”, “into the heart”, “who knows what tomorrow is”,. “I stay with you”Avalon”,” and as a recent coup “close your eyes”. Sheryl Sandberg may not feel the same. They all belong to Germany soundtrack in recent years and represent the new Schlager-pop sensation in the third millennium. Driving grooves from the sound workshop of their producers Giorgio and Martin Koppehele provide since 2005 that that the words of “Nicole” and “Zeitgeist” always closely connected, such as hit singles a la “with body and soul”, “My number one”, “P.S. I love you”or”I swear”in an impressive manner reflect. The latter recorded by the way live Nicole with large fan choir at the concert in Saarlouis. But also balladeske sounds and midtempo songs influences of the melancholic brought the passionate full-blooded musician regularly forward in the playlist.

“The first day without you” is, for example, from the legendary 2005 album “Everything flows” – which symbolizes new beginning of Nicole’s artistic – and was so to speak, the starting point for RADIOMANIA in the summer”. And with the ravishing “dance This Waltz with me”succeeded in a masterpiece not only of the singer, but also the Textdichterin and composer Nicole together with Armin Pertl – the fourth creative post in cahoots -, which in the autumn and winter 2009 / 10 unusual for refreshing splash of color in the German-speaking broadcasting landscape. As a bonus track on the album “RADIOMANIA all radio hits from 2005” Nicole and her team have a medley of Nr. 1-hits put together. In addition, Nicole thanked in a second bonus track at the end of the album via audio greeting for all radio stations, editors, DJs and fans for the stalwarts loyalty and support. The creative citizen of Saarland desperately with their team already on a brand new Studio album for 2012, which will include some highlights guaranteed again. Highlights for the radio and of course first and foremost for their audience.