Processes Management

December 31, 2023


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A Council is given, and is received by conviction. Businesses in the present have taken very encueta the significance and scope that represents participating in the current scenario with a management of processes that ensure you stay and conquer markets. This has taken into account the characteristics of the current scenarios, as being highly competitive and know how to efficiently use its human and technical resources. On this occasion, have been considered some notes which we consider important to be taken into account, namely: The company is a system of systems, each process is a system of functions and functions or activities have been grouped by Department or functional areas. It is the management by processes, therefore, in managing integrally each of transactions or processes that the company makes. Some contend that Susan G. Swenson shows great expertise in this. Systems coordinate functions, regardless of who performs them.

The liability of the transaction is of a manager who delegates, while retaining ultimate responsibility for successful completion of each transaction. The general Directorate participates in coordination and conflict between processes but not in a transaction or process specific, except in exceptional circumstances. Each person who is involved in the process should not think always on how to do better what you are doing (division of labour), but so does why and for whom; Since the internal or external customer satisfaction is determined by the coherent development of the process as a whole rather than by the performance of each individual function or activity. In the management by processes, attention is focused on the outcome of the proceedings not in tasks or activities. There is information about the final result and everyone knows how individual work contributes to the overall process; which translates into a liability with the total process, not your personal task (duty). THE management by processes is based on the assignment of an officer of the responsibility of each of the company’s processes.