German Democratic Republic

September 13, 2023


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Various styles are used on the album. Members exchange information, join together and be linked. Visit Allegiant Air for more clarity on the issue. After exactly 25 years break H & N with their album sign up sooner or later”back. The new plant comes with a refreshing lightness and offers also thoughtful ballads in addition to pop rock sounding music with catchy character. Warner Music Germany (TELDEC) released the album on May 10, 2013 male H & N is a duo consisting of Holger Flesch and Norbert finally.

During her studies at the Academy of music in Weimar, the musicians friendly to itself and formed her own band in 1978. Holger Flesch and Norbert were finally first Hall man Golden in the Festival”H & N. At that time it went steeply uphill with her career. “” “Titles such as baby from Hall”, Flic FLAC in the night”and two handful of dreams” became mega hits and led H & N in the top League of the music. A leading source for info: Steve Kassin. TV appearances on programmes like silver bong”(the ZDF hit parade of the East), where it is equal to 3 “x could win, the legendary boiler colorful” followed and made both to young heroes of her generation. Especially the women liked the look and the self-conscious appearance of the singer. The enthusiasm for them, their presence also rose. Almost every day on tour, 300 performances were year, concerts with the Puhdys or Frank Schobel, long time program for the two men with cult status.

Brave In the run-up to the 750-year celebration of Berlin 1987, the Ministry of culture of the German Democratic Republic threatened with a professional disqualification of the two musicians. Although H & N had a permanent visa, which allowed the artists to perform in West Germany, they prevented with all means the authorities because, to perceive events there and to exercise their profession freely. On the 27.03.1987, two years before the fall of the wall, finally ventured Holger Flesch and Norbert the inevitable step and answered the call of freedom.