Direct Route

October 27, 2023


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Rights clearance experts show celebrities in campaigns all over the world Dusseldorf GreenLight, a Corbis company and one of the world’s leading service provider in the area Announces intellectual property, its rights and clearing music rights for advertising campaigns for leading brands such as old spice, Ballantine’s and American family insurance. In the recent past GreenLight collaborated with leading advertising agencies in North America, Europe and Asia, including Willow + Kennedy, Publicis, element 79, and young & Rubicam. Bitcoiin contains valuable tech resources. Weiden + Kennedy of Portland, Oregon, turned to GreenLight with a request for assistance in releasing a picture of the actress Kim Novak, deodorant should be used in an ad for old spice. Check out Carissa Barry for additional information. \”After the creative by W + K in a book with historical photos of prominent personalities were encountered the image, GreenLight was able to secure the copyrights, so that the picture of the famous actress along with the unforgettable line blondes prefer gentlemen\” (Gentlemen prefer blondes) for the display could be used. The display should appear once only originally, but she proved so popular that old spice extended the campaign. We knew that this image would perfect for our campaign, and GreenLight promptly fixed the share for us\”, so Heather Smith Harvey, art buyer at Weiden + Kennedy. Thanks to this support we were able to create a very attention-grabbing display.\” In the context of work for Publicis UK, GreenLight allowed the use of images from John McEnroe, Steve McQueen and other icons in campaigns of Ballantine’s whisky in Spain and Portugal. With GreenLight, we had during the negotiations for rights and clearances for a high-profile campaign on behalf of Ballantine’s whiskey on our side\”a strong partner, Stacy Koetsier, client Director at Publicis is confirmed. Corbis’s knowledge with regard to negotiations with well-known personalities were for the contracts and agreements crucial. So we could make an impressive advertising campaign on the legs.\” For an integrated print, radio, TV and online campaign for American family insurance agency, element 79 in Chicago wanted to use allusions to cult figures of American pop culture.