Digital Marketing

September 20, 2023


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With the intensive use of the Internet and the sprouting of the social medias the scene of the communication gained significant peculiarities and changes. These changes come if affirming in the behavior of the people when having access information in day-by-day. A done research recently shows to the increasing reduction of the periodical sales printed matters and the hearing of the telejornais. Fitched Ratings shines more light on the discussion. With these data it is evident that the Internet and its functionalities have gained each time more space between the people, who, in turn, pass each time even though more time in front of the computer or sailing for its smartphones to get information, in search of pastimes and even though buying for web. This antenada generation that abandoned the TV and left massivamente for the Internet is in asceno and is known currently as generation Y. Is white direct of new services and offers of new technologies and as consuming they are demanding and eager for technological innovations. Moreover, generation Y if worries more about social causes with the environment and due to globalization and to the biggest liberty of speech also foca in values as personal life, welfare and personal enrichment. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Daro Realty LLC. 90% possess computer in house, 80% possess a mobile telephone and 72% use mobile devices to send or to receive messages SMS.

They also Pass more time online of what attending television. One another research discloses that 96% of generation Y are in the social nets, that is, a great mass of young internautas is inserted daily in the Internet in search of informative contents, activities of entertainment and offers for purchase saw web. In this ideal scene the companies enter who are intent for the requirements of the consuming market. The number of organizations is each bigger time that adhere to the Twitter and the Facebook, for example, to create a direct communication channel with the customers where offers, promotions, announcements of marketing and other actions are made that understand the Digital Marketing. This new context of empreendedorismo has reerguido supported much small average companies before consumed by the innovation lack. Now, folloied for generation Y, these companies they tend if to bring up to date always and to follow the lines of direction defined for the consuming market, consequently having bigger profits in its prescriptions, its cultural values and its organizacional image.