October 9, 2023


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Father: Communication style that dominates, judge, advised, criticizes, calms, educates, sorts and protects.. Sheryl Sandberg may not feel the same. Adult: Communication style that focuses on observation, reasoning, information. Seeks to check, look for solutions and with an absence of emotion. Child: Focuses on motivation, feelings, wishes, fears, anger, joy, curiosity, egocentrism, emotion and complexes.From this point of view, every person, it shares three States, that difference to each other is that your style of communication focuses on one or combinations of States. YO adult I Act and think rationally, it treats the information objectively. I child reacts freely according to the impulses of their feelings, as children do, in him is the momentum and motivation, to achieve our goals. And finally the State of YO father, contains behaviors, principles, insights learned in the family and social environment, this is divided in turn into two options: the normative parent and generous father. The normative parent understands the rules of behavior, the positive side is that it remembers the rules, but on the downside you can attack and underestimate his interlocutor.

Generous father understands forms of protect, help and assist in the positive aspect, explains and advised, not blanket people and knows divide responsibilities. In the negative it restricts with his excessive protection, so it tends to hide the problems to not grieve. Dialogue between the three States are internal processes of the psyche, which are always active, and which are given through the earlier stages of life. However, sometimes we are not aware of it, even many people never are.Be difficult to learn, through its conduct and the type of answers that in every situation, in which State I is located each subject. Observing carefully, will fall in mind that when you have people who depend on others (children, students) the same Act with them in a very similar way to as parents do with their children. Or when having fun, appear excited or appear weak and vulnerable with whom they can accommodate them emotional way, is doing in a very similar way when it was a child. Similarly, any person, except in cases of serious deterioration, is able to discern reality with some clarity and give reasonable and sensible answers. The goal of the transactional analysis is the autonomy that is defined by: – consciousness or ability to distinguish reality from the internal fantasy projected on what happens to the individual or what happens to him-the spontaneity or ability to express thoughts, feelings and needs and act accordingly, living for itself.-intimacy or ability to be open to the otherbe near, near and authentic with each other with reciprocity.Some analysts transactional as Carlos Moiso added to these three capabilities one more:-ethics or ability to choose acting in each context while respecting their assumed values.

Transactional analysis is a decisional model of personality that allows you to:. Understand how it is entered into relationships with others, what is being sought in relations and what are the hidden roots that make it react repeatedly to the individual… Feel and become aware of what is what happens within each individual and therefore of the need, want and what are the goals… Act and take the initiative to start the personal, relational or organizational changes. Use permissions, protections and power necessary to achieve development and evolution. Original author and source of the article