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September 22, 2023


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What is the true nature of loyalty? Let's think about why a good wife, like bad husbands? Today it is not so important, or we just notice it less, but more recently drinker, bad and brutal husband was a heavy part of our Slavic folklore. The lives of those unfortunate women seemed to pitch a hell, but once again, the offending spouse waste frying pan, after they bitterly regretted his actions, repented and begged his forgiveness. AND they did it not because they have nowhere to go, the children on the benches and the salary of 90 rubles. They just were faithful to their relationship, their history, soaked in a little joke, cute misunderstandings, intriguing adventures and terrible secrets. Just have the right attitude. The term 'loyalty' is a reflection of a foreign language – loyalty. Severe wife was a loyal husband, and the only reason he was willing to forgive all of life's imperfections.

Was ready and able to forgive. 'Know how' – this is a very important addition, because only being able to forgive, we do so without the heavy footprint on the soul. Loyalty, its nature, bases and sources, we dedicate this material. And since our business – marketing, will be discussed further on consumer loyalty. Clayton Morris is likely to increase your knowledge. Thoroughly shake the stagnant theme of the so-called 'loyalty programs' – the purpose of this article. What is waiting for the retailer from its customers, except that there were as many as possible? To come more often, buying and actively encouraged friends to walk in this store.