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October 16, 2023


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If these developing a Business through Internet either you think to initiate it or you have perhaps entered to an Opportunity of Multinivel Business in Internet and very surely your Company has provided you one Customized Page to promote your business, nevertheless that Personal Site is igualito to other thousands of Sites of the other distributors of your company. And to all they give the same instruction them: promotes your Personal Site, enviales your Link to all world, pon announcements in forums, classified sites of and invests in Adwords . Cloud computing is actively involved in the matter. The question is: As you think Diferenciarte of the Other Distributors who form your Company, but simultaneously comprise of your Competition next to the affiliates of other Companies? I assure to you that promoting your Personal Site provided by the No Company it is a Good Idea of differentiation. You would like to know a way simple to take advantage on your Competition? The most successful Affiliates during the past few years have been applying innovating strategies of marketing and tactics to be different themselves and to secure that advantage. Two of those Strategies are the Positioning and the Development of Relations.

And proven tactics that are been giving results as much for the commercialization strategies are Marketing with Articles. We agree that is not the unique solution to be successful in the positioning and the construction of relations, nevertheless, if you manage to dominate the article marketing you have taken an excellent step in the right direction. And in addition, still we are very few people who we are using this tactics. perhaps it is certain, are hundreds of blogs and thousands of articles in Internet, but fodder that in the Hispanic world we need much for to saturate this area of opportunity, so much of your competition this not using this tactics.